Aug 10, 2011

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Rumor: “Mists of Pandaria” Next WoW Expansion?

Rumor: “Mists of Pandaria” Next WoW Expansion?

With BlizzCon less than two months away, Blizzard has trademarked something named “Mists of Pandaria.” This only leads us to wonder if this is the next WoW expansion.

A couple factors contribute to the possibility of “Mists of Pandaria” being the next WoW expansion: the trademark is filed under “computer software” and the timing of the trademark filing is consistent with past WoW expansions. The official government document can be viewed here.

This is still all speculation, of course, but it seems to be highly likely that a Pandaren themed expansion is in the works. What do you think of this? In the world of elves and wizards, are talking kung fu pandas taking it a bit too far for you? Do you even consider Pandaren monks canon in the lore of Warcraft?

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