Aug 10, 2011

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Resistance 3 Beta Patch 2.01 Being Rolled Out Now

Resistance 3 Beta Patch 2.01 Being Rolled Out Now

Insomniac Games has just informed us that the Resistance 3 2.01 Multiplayer Beta Patch is now being rolled out and matchmaking should be playable shortly. The patch just cleared Sony first party testing and has been pushed to servers. Some users might not see it if they are in the beta so it is suggested that your restart the PS3 and go back into the beta.

The patch should enable matchmaking however Insomniac Games still needs to reset the servers to do so. Just to clarify, the patch has started to roll out to servers so some people will get it sooner than others. Once the patch has been fully deployed they will be able to reset the servers. The beta has gotten off to a very rough start but a week after the beta opened up to those who had SOCOM 4 codes, it’s look like the beta can now get fully underway.

A few members on the staff have played it and enjoyed what they got to play. Stay tuned for more on the beta as our impressions and previews will be going live soon.