Aug 9, 2011

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Some Walmart Locations Start the 3DS Price Drop Early (Updated)

Some Walmart Locations Start the 3DS Price Drop Early (Updated)

Earlier this week admin and owner of popular gaming deal site was tipped off that Walmart would drop to the new MSRP early. After days of comments, questions, plus many other things… some users are reporting that the new price is already in effect. Currently the deal will be a store by store thing, but as the day progresses expect every store to have 3DS’s for $169.99. Now why is this important you might ask?

Back when the price cut was announced there was also an ambassador program introduced. The program allowed for early adopters to get 20 free games. Since Wallmart is dropping the price prior to the official MSRP price drop, not only do you get to pay less for the 3DS but you can take advantage of the early adopter program to get the free games. Just remember to connect to the internet prior to August 12th. As an additional bonus remember that you will get coins for the free games. So getting a 3DS today should get you high/over platinum status.

Is this price drop enough to make you buy a 3DS? Are you going to hold out for a remodel or perhaps the vita? Tell us what you think below.

Update: Every store should have this at the new MSRP. If Walmart isn’t your thing, many users have also reported Bestbuy honoring a price match. Just make sure the store you’re matching has them in stock.

Update 2: It appears Target has also dropped the price.

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