Aug 7, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Catherine

Trophy Guide: Catherine

Have you ever used a Rubik cube? If not, it’s a toy where you need to match up the colors on each side. This sounds fairly simple, but you can easily spend five or more hours trying to solve it. Catherine is exactly the same way; deceptively simple. This Trophy/Achievement guide might not complete every task at ease but it will teach you key elements to keep in mind that just might make you better at the game.

Quick Tips:

Normally, I would just say this or that trophy is the hardest before explaining it, but Catherine is special. There are two key skills you need. These skills are the only way you’re ever going to platinum this game beyond cheating.

  • Observe
  • Learn

You would be surprised how much of the game is about routine and boils down to how you play. This is not to say the game becomes easy, but there is less to worry about. If you over think the situation you’ll lose. There are also very few skills that come into play and for more information on them read the Tips/Tricks post.

Golden Theater (Story):

This is stated as the games story mode. This is an extremely cut and dry mode and will be covered though most of the trophies. Just about anything you can do has a trophy attached in some way.

Babel (Rush mode):

Good news is that there ARE tricks for this mode, but the bad news is that they’re more conceptual. You will see many people say that the stages are randomized or that there is nothing to say… I can personally tell you that some stages have fixed puzzles. By this I mean that they’re always going to appear in around the same place and thus you should know what to do. You should also note that the last 20 or so steps are a super easy puzzle to the top. These will appear on any Babel stage and appear right before the end.


This is an arcade mini game featured in Golden Theater. The point is explained later on, but it’s basically solving puzzles in a new setting. There are 128 total and can be completed with a guide.

Trophy Guide:

Cheers To You!

Earn all other trophies.

Even with a ton of guides… this is going to be rare. Most people will not have the dedication to spend hours trying to beat one boss. Not that any of this is wrong, but it’s something to consider. This will not be a simple task.

The Nightmares Have Just Begun…

Conquer stage 1.

There is no boss on stage one and the biggest challenge will be trying to figure out the game but there shouldn’t be an issue getting at least silver on your first try.

The Great Escape

Conquer stage 2.

Simply beat the stage. The only problem you should have is beating Katherine; which can be hard the first time. However, this is a fairly straight forward stage and she’s fairly pre-programmed. Sometimes she will change which boxes she makes heavy though 9/10 times it will be the same. So if you’re getting stuck just prepare to go for the boxes she won’t make heavy.

Let My Sheep Go

Conquer stage 3.

Beat the stage to unlock. This is one of the easier bosses but you’ll need a plan. The only issue you could face is getting hit by the confusion hearts. He keeps a fairly routine pattern of them going left to right with a reverse one after a few. These can be avoided by hanging over the edge. This will most likely take a few tries.

No One Expects The…

Conquer stage 4

For most people this is where the game gets hard! The baby keeps an extremely quick pace forcing you to go even faster. Most likely between this and his attack, you’re bound to screw up many times. There is no real trick past mastering the pattern, but if you see blocks wobble that is where he will strike. AVOID THAT AT ALL COSTS.

Crossing the Graveyard

Conquer stage 5.

This game gets some bite and this is the start. Outside of 9, hands-down this is the hardest level. There aren’t many tricks past staying on the side of the ice or pulling blocks to avoid sliding. The biggest challenge though is the boss.

Going into this you should understand that her ice is somewhat based on where you are and you will NEED a  ditch plan. One of my biggest problems was her picking up blocks used in my exit route. YOU MUST GRASP THE GAME FAIRLY WELL to get gold here. Just keep trying and avoid her attacks at all costs. Getting hit is basically a failure.

What Time is it?

Conquer stage 6.

Not much here but new elements. This is shockingly an easy level and the boss is a joke. Simply play it smart and remember if a block is shaking that’s where the buzz saw is.

Path to the Altar

Conquer stage 7.

Here you will need to mostly use your brain. These puzzles are fairly confusing, but watch a YouTube video if need be. The boss doesn’t do anything and is always 1:1. So if you die during his darkness just make note.

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