Jul 27, 2011

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Comic Con 2011: Uncharted 3 Cast Discuss Making the Game

Comic Con 2011: Uncharted 3 Cast Discuss Making the Game

Comic Con International 2011 has finally reached its conclusion, and the event gave attendees and those watching from home unique insight into numerous popular game franchises as the busy fall and holiday seasons draw ever closer. One such franchise with a strong showing at this year’s Comic Con was PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is poised to challenge the towering expectations set by its predecessor Among Thieves come November, and Naughty Dog Creative Director Amy Hennig was on hand at Comic-Con 2011 with Nolan North, Emily Rose, and Richard McGonagle. Together with Taylor Kurosaki and Josh Scherr of Naughty Dog, the group conducted a panel called “Developing Interactive Entertainment: The Performance Capture Technologies of the UNCHARTED Franchise and Today’s Film Industry” on Friday, July 22. During the event, the cast spoke their minds on the creative energy found in the studio and how much fun it can be to record the game’s industry-leading cinematics. Emily Rose, better known as Nathan Drake’s love interest Elena Fisher, had this to say about the camaraderie between the actors and director:

“You have to just block everything else out and step into that imaginary world and know that when we throw something out there, when we come in the morning and we collaborate around the script . . . we’re able to just sort of jump into that boat with Amy and kind of, you know, say lines or ‘What about this’ or ‘What about that’ . . . it really creates a wonderful, safe place to work and not every place is like that.”

Emily’s coworker, Richard McGonagle, who provides the voice of fan favorite Victor “Sully” Sullivan, confirmed how much he enjoys his work for Uncharted:

“We just run around and have a good time, and we’re given great scripts by Amy to play with . . . we have a lot of leeway within the scripts to play with it, however it would work for us, and we know these characters very well . . . it’s the best job I’ve ever had, I’ll tell you.”


Amy Hennig, who has penned the script for all three Uncharted titles, also revealed some very interesting tidbits about the character creation process. Amy said that she enjoys keeping elements of the script open until the studio has settled on their picks for the actors and actresses, allowing her to mold the behavior and personalities of the characters around the chemistry of (in this instance) Nolan, Emily, and Richard:

“We brought in people of all different dialects and things like that . . . Actually, the reason her name was Elena . . . the very first incarnation of her, she was actually Spanish . . . I think it was Elena Vargas. Anyway, it didn’t work out. But, what you have to do is be open to the fact that when you do find somebody and the chemistry’s there and they walk in and they seem to be embodying the character, then you start letting your character become them . . . you don’t want to mash a square peg into a round hole, right?”

It’s great to see the main players behind Uncharted demonstrate real love for the franchise and for their work. The way that Naughty Dog allows their characters to take shape around the actors may be what lends so much believability to Nathan Drake and his partners, pushing the quality of the developer’s famously cinematic scenes even further and keeping gamers riveted on men and women they can identify with. While the future of the franchise after its third installment is largely unknown, we can only hope that Naughty Dog continues to spur the creative energy of the people who give life to one of Uncharted’s most important assets: its characters.

Head over to the Playstation Blog for a highlight reel of the panel, and stay tuned to Vivid Gamer for continued news and coverage on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception as its November 1, 2011 release date draws near.

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