Jul 26, 2011

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Humble Indie Bundle #3 Now Available

Humble Indie Bundle #3 Now Available

It seems that the ones behind the first two Humble Indie Bundles and the Frozenbyte Bundle are at it again. The third in the Humble Indie Bundles collections offers five titles from different independent developers. As with the previous bundles, you can pick your own price for this bundle and control how your money is divided among the developers and charities. Below is the list of titles available in the bundle and a small description of each.

Crayon Physics Deluxe – This 2D puzzle/sandbox title allows players to see what it would be like to have their drawings magically transform into physical objects to solve the many puzzles in the game. It features over 70 levels, amazing physics, and a simple to use level creator.

Cogs - The award-winning steampunk-themed puzzle game has gamers build a wide array of machines with sliding tiles. The 50 unique levels and three gameplay modes offer many hours of addicting gameplay.

VVVVVV- A retro throwback, VVVVVV is a 2D platformer that puts gamers in the role of a leader of dimension explorers. It does away with one feature that many take for granted in platformers: the ability to jump. Instead, you control gravity with a push of the button in attempts to overcome obstacles and reunite with your team.

Hammerfight- A 2D action title boosts over 50 weapons that can be used to fight others. Taking advantage of realistic physics simulation, you control your rider with the movements of your mouse. Three additional modes and a great story are sure to keep gamers playing.

And Yet It Moves- The physics-based platform has gamers tilting and moving the game’s world in order to solve challenging puzzles. Four colorful environments made from a collage of beautifully colored cardboard and unlockable modes offer plenty of hours of challenges to solve.

Individually, you can get these titles for a total of $50. But by going through the Humble Bundle website, you get to set your own price and do a feel-good deed by donating to charity. As with the previous entries, Humble Indie Bundle 3 will only be available for a limited time. So if you plan on picking up these titles because you missed them when they were first released, it might be best to do so soon. Visit The Humble Indie Bundle #3 website to make your donation.

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