Jul 26, 2011

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5 DS Games to Survive the Summer Drought

5 DS Games to Survive the Summer Drought

Are you sick and tired of hearing this/that is coming to the 3DS? Would you love something interesting to bust out and finish off your summer? What better time than now to push you till the next big title is out, especially if you don’t want to shell out $250 for a 3DS? Similar to the previous installments of 5 iOs games, 5 PS3 games, and 5 Xbox 360, games let’s check out what DS games are worth your time this summer.



Developer: Capcom | Released: 03/15/2011 | Price: $29.99

Every generation there are naturally going to be overlooked titles, and Okami is one of these. Despite poor sales, Capcom decided to bring it back for another go. Making use of an interesting art style based off Japanese brush strokes, and a story that makes use of myth and whimsy, the DS version (and the PS2 or Wii original) will make most people smile. The gameplay has a good bit of puzzle solving, but also makes excellent use of the bottom touch screen. Through and though, this game is a winner.


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn


Developer: Camelot Software Planning | Released: 11/29/2011 | Price: $19.99

Taking place years after the original titles, you’re left with a new adventure, and more importantly, a new threat. Keeping true to classic RPGs, Golden Sun might not turn heads for being the most original game, but sometimes classics just work. Not only is the gameplay familiar, there are also hours of missions and side quests to boost the play time considerably. The graphics might not be the best, though they still deliver some nice animations. RPG fans will not be disappointed with this title.


9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Developer: Chunsoft | Released: 11/16/2011 | Price: $29.99

Many game types come and go, but mystery/point and click games have found success on the DS. An example of the rare (in English, anyway) visual novel, 999 has you figuring out clues, solving puzzles, talking to others, plus much more in hopes of escape. This interesting character-driven title offers much needed variety in the usual DS line up. You, along with eight others, find yourself trapped on a ship: your one goal, to escape before time runs out. If you’re looking for a grim version of Layton, then this is most likely the best you’ll find for a while.


Radiant Historia

Developer: Atlus | Released: 02/22/2011 | Price: $29.99

Atlus is known for publishing some interesting titles, and many never get the time of day they deserve. One of these titles happens to be Radiant Historia, which not only has alternate stories, but your actions cause reactions. While many games have this, why is this one different? Well, you see, there are time travel elements which allow you to change the world’s history through the course of your actions. Combine this with familiar RPG elements, and you have a game most people will enjoy. Just be warned: this is an Atlus title, and might be hard to find.


Jump Ultimate Stars

Developer: ganbarion | Released: 11/23/2006 (Japan) | Price: $59.90

In Japan, there’s a magazine known as Jump that publishes manga for teens. As some may know, this magazine published several highly popular series, like Hokuto no Ken, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. With so many big hitters, wouldn’t it be grand if they made a fighting game? As luck would have it, that’s just what Jump Ultimate Stars is! Being the sequel of the highly successful Jump Super Stars, Ultimate offers a story of the fictional Jump-verse and an upcoming evil you need to stop.  This big draw is the hefty lineup of popular, but also almost forgotten series in a Smash Bros fighter. The biggest addition is that you can also just do enough damage to knock someone out too. Although this title was only released in Japan, because of its simple mechanics, even those who don’t read Japanese can enjoy it, and it’s easy to find in the US (Amazon has several copies). Even with this title being on the older side, there is plenty of content to find yourself playing for hours.