Jul 24, 2011

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Warcraft and Starcraft Themed Amusement Park Opens in China

Warcraft and Starcraft Themed Amusement Park Opens in China

I had heard about this sometime last year. I never thought it would actually come into fruition. The Warcraft and Starcraft themed amusement park opened in China two months ago; it’s called “World Joyland.” I guess I should mention that it is completely unlicensed, a rip-off. [Insert Chinese knock-off joke here.]

All jokes aside, the park is rather interesting. It is over 60,000 square feet in Jiangsu, China and broken into two sections “Terrain of Magic” (the Warcraft section) and “Universe of Starship” (the Starcraft side). Park attendees will notice the likeness of park to the games immediately upon entering. Strewn about the park tall statues of in-game characters that Warcraft and Starcraft players will most definitely recognize.

The park cost over $30 million to build, and with the fact that no rides, statues, etc bear any exact names to their Blizzard counterparts, except for the uncanny likeness in looks, the park is probably safe for now. Watch the video below to view the original ideas behind the theme park.

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While I’m not particularly interested in the park, even being the huge Blizzard fan-girl that I am, I’m curious as to whether or not some other hardcore Blizzard fan are booking their flights right now to see this one-of-a-kind rip-off. Would some consider this the Blizzard fan’s mecca? And where the hell is the Diablo love?

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[All image credits to Shanghaiist]