Jul 22, 2011

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Nintendo Update: July 21, 2011

Nintendo Update: July 21, 2011

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out, I’m still kind of getting used to having Nintendo updates on Thursdays instead of Mondays.  Anyway, this week’s update is a bit on the lean side, with one of the big highlights being Video comes to 3DS at long last, letting you watch short 2D and 3D videos (mostly trailers at this time) on your 3DS.  The full list of weekly releases can be found below.



Bobby Carrot Forever (800 points) – Puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain-bending levels, suitable for the entire family. Classic 2D old-school gaming. Bobby Carrot isn’t just any hare. When he sleeps, he dreams of incredible adventures and fantastic worlds. Would you like to go with him today? Guide the famous puzzle hare through hundreds of exciting levels, find and use cool items, avoid obstacles and collect all carrots to win. Uncover the secret of the 6 golden carrots and meet new friends who will help you on your way. Bobby Carrot rekindles the age of classic console gaming with charming 2D graphics and simplified controls. Lean back and enjoy a brain bending puzzle adventure for the whole family.



Trollboarder (200 points) – Descend the slopes in the craziest snowboard game in history. What happens when goblins steal the dragons’ treasures while you’re in charge of protecting them? The dragons become furious. You must recover all of the treasure as quickly as possible. Control the last guardian on his snowboard and take part in furious races to recover the stolen coins. Perform your best tricks to gain the favor of the dragons and discover invisible chests.





Kung Fu Dragon (200 points) – Select your warrior and prepare yourself. Your destiny awaits you. Deep within the legendary forest, the Mystical Waterfall breathes spirit in the training, inspiring the final challenge. Now, three warriors will face the honorable quest to become the next Kung Fu Dragon. Kung Fu Dragon is an action game in which the player climbs up an immense waterfall by performing a series of jumps. As a martial artist in training, you must face one of the most difficult tests of skill ever: waterfall climbing. You can increase your score by climbing higher up the waterfall by jumping between the various footholds that come falling down. However, watch out for the enemies that block your way, defeat them by jumping on them as you continue to climb as high as you can!

Antipole (500 points) -Manipulate gravity to overcome lethal obstacles, change falls into jumps and defeat your enemies. Wield the power to reverse gravity as you fight your way through the robot mothership. Manipulate gravity to overcome lethal obstacles, change falls into jumps, and defeat your enemies. Watch the world around you change with the direction of gravity, opening paths to explore and creating new hazards. Collect coins in hard-to-reach locations and use them to unlock additional challenge levels.






3D Classics: Xevious ($5.99) – Re-mastered exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, fly Solvalou in a battle against Xevious forces! 3D Classics: Xevious revisits the popular vertical-scrolling arcade game, bringing back favorite elements of the classic to enjoy in both 2D and 3D! In this enhanced version, view Solvalou from a mid-air perspective, gauging incoming fire from down below while the scenery and aerial enemies fly on by! Pilot the advanced fighter-bomber through 16 hazardous areas and destroy as many targets as possible. Annihilate the Andor Genesis for extra points and earn a place in the High Scores! The age-old question stands for the long-time and new fans of this arcade classic–are you devious enough to beat Xevious?

Nintendo Video (Free) – The new Nintendo Video service delivers short 2D or 3D videos from the worlds of music, comedy, animation and Hollywood. The 3D content can be viewed without the need for special glasses.