Jul 22, 2011

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5 Xbox 360 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

5 Xbox 360 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

It’s pretty safe to say that summers are a very good time to be an Xbox 360 gamer.  While there typically aren’t major exclusive retail releases, the annual Summer Of Arcade has treated us well the past few years.  Each summer we’re given at least a few gems everyone should download, and this year doesn’t look like it’ll break the trend.  Besides the highlighted SoA titles, we’ve also been treated to some other great hits.  So if you’re feeling bored, don’t worry, because these five games will keep you busy throughout the summer. Not a 360 gamer? No problem! Check out our list of PS3 and iOS games to get you through the summer drought.


Ms. Splosion Man

Developer: Twisted Pixel | Released: 07/13/11 | Price: 800 pts (XBLA) | Review

The sequel to Twisted Pixel’s Splosion Man has improved on nearly everything that made the first one so great.  The story is hilarious, the visuals are pretty, and the platforming remains as tight as ever.  This game provides you with fifty single-player levels, fifty unique multiplayer ones and a bevy of unlockables for the low price of $10?  Go and see why 360 gamers love Twisted Pixel titles now with the excellent Ms. Splosion Man.


Developer: Double Fine Games | Released: 06/22/11 | Price: 1200 pts (XBLA) | Review

Whenever Tim Schafer releases a game, you know you’ll be paying attention.  His newest arcade release is the shooter tower-defense hybrid Trenched. Play through the enjoyable campaign either solo or cooperatively with up to three friends as you take on Vladimir and his evil Tube army.  The story isn’t the longest, but with extra unlockables and the high possibility of future DLC, you’re given one of the best summer games this year.


Child Of Eden

Developer: Q Entertainment | Released: 06/14/11 | Price: $39.99

From the studio that brought you Rez and Lumines comes the Kinect title Child Of Eden. This unique rail-shooter pleases the senses and was even named our number one reason to dust your Kinect off this year.  It may not be the longest retail title ever, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable.  Child Of Eden controls like a dream and shows how well the Kinect can work when put in capable hands.  Even if you may not be a fan of the different visuals and music, Child Of Eden will make you a fan and is arguably the first single-player Kinect game worth buying.


Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Developer: Fuelcell/Gagne Int’l| Releasing: 08/03/11 | Price: 1200 pts (XBLA)

XBLA fans named Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet the best of E3, and with good reason.  Incredibly stylish and showcasing some of the most creative visuals to date for the arcade, Shadow Planet is looking to be this year’s marquee download much like Braid or Limbo. The gameplay is similar to PSN’s Pixeljunk Shooter, with exploration more akin to the Metroid titles.  With multiplayer modes, fun puzzles, and epic boss fights, you may be looking at the best game the SoA has to offer.



Developer: SouthEnd Interactive| Released: 01/05/11 | Price: 800 pts (XBLA)

ilomilo was released at the beginning of the year and it’s a shame that everyone hasn’t downloaded it.  If you can look past the ridiculously cute visuals (which are gorgeous by the way) then you’ll be treated to one of the most mind-boggling puzzlers released in recent history.   Through 49 levels you’re tasked with reuniting ilo and milo, who unfortunately, keep losing track of each other.  Having one of the most charming designs for the arcade, I can’t recommend it enough for fans of puzzlers.  Get over yourselves and download ilomilo. When you do, don’t resist falling in love with it.