Jul 21, 2011

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5 PS3 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

5 PS3 Games to Survive the Summer Drought

Are you bored? Are you sitting in front of your PlayStation wondering what to play while you wait for the next big release? Well if you are, I’ve got five games to save you from this summer drought. July and most of August are going to be slow months, with the next big release coming at the end of August. Don’t worry, because these games will definitely help you pass the time, and might just open your eyes to some games you might not have thought you would enjoy. Not a PS3 gamer? That’s OK! Check out our list of 5 iOS Games to get you through the summer, and look forward to our upcoming list of 5 XBox 360 games in the near future.


Resistance Collection

Developer: Insomniac Games | Released: 07/05/11 | Price: $39.99

Resistance 3 is coming out in September, and if you haven’t played any game from the franchise, this collection is a perfect introduction to the series. If you are looking for a new shooter to pass the time, this is a great franchise to get into. The series takes places in an alternate history around the year 1950, in which an alien civilization, the Chimera, have invaded and conquered much of Earth. You take the role of one soldier who will fight the Chimera using abilities only he possesses. The first game, Fall of Man, can be played via Split-Screen co-op and features a great story to go along with pretty good multiplayer. The second title did away with split-screen but added an exciting class-based co-op mode that will keep you playing for hours and hours. You can play with up to eight players against AI hordes, but not every game is the same, and the more players you have the harder it gets. This, along with a lengthy campaign, will definitely feed your shooter appetite.



Developer: Atlus | Released: 07/26/11 | Price: $59.99

A lot of anticipation is leading up to next week’s release of Atlus’s Catherine, their first PS3 title, and also a departure from their familiar RPG gameplay (despite being made by the team behind the Persona games).  Already getting stellar reviews from critics (look for Vivid Gamer’s review soon), this quirky game puts you in the role of Vincent, a thirty-something guy afraid of breaking out of the status-quo relationship he has with his girlfriend, Katherine.  To make things worse, he soon begins having terrible nightmares in which he must scale a tower of blocks as quickly as possible (while overcoming various hazards, other men transformed into sheep, and the occasional nightmarish boss) in order to survive.  If you die in the dream, you die in real life, as has happened to several other young men, including some Vincent knows.  Things are complicated when the beautiful and sexy Catherine enters his life.  With several multiplayer modes to unlock, high scores to achieve, and numerous endings, this is one game that, despite being different, is worth spending some time with this summer.  Even if the demo didn’t entirely sway you, it’s still worth the plunge, as the demo doesn’t do the game justice.



Developer: Housemarque | Release Date: 06/14/11 | Price: $9.99

Outland is a 2D action platformer that revolves around using Light (Blue) and Dark (Red) energy to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. The first thing you will notice is the excellent colorful visuals, but once you start playing the game, the gameplay will win you over. Of course without great boss battles, what’s the point, right? Well, Outland has some great boss battles, and although it can be frustrating to beat them, you can play the entire game via co-op to make things a little easier. There are a few co-op challenges throughout the game, and with an arcade mode, there’s definitely enough gameplay to keep you busy. Plus, Outland is from Housemarque, creators of Dead Nation and Super Startdust HD, what more do I need to say? These guys know how to make a great PSN game.



Developer: Playdead | Release Date: 07/19/11 | Price: $15 ($11 for PS+ members)

Another 2D Platformer, Limbo can be best described as a journey. The Noire style adds to the intrigue as you make your way through this black-and-white world. Although it is a 2D platformer, you will spend most of your time solving puzzles (and they can be pretty tough). There is a lot of trial and error in this game; Playdead describes it as “Trial by Death” because you will die a lot trying to solve the puzzle. If you like puzzle solving, this is a great game for you. Limbo is a bit short for the price, but the experience is well worth it.



Developer: Sucker Punch | Release Date: 06/07/11 | Price: $59.99

Sony’ s Welcome Back Package gave gamers the chance to play inFAMOUS, an open-world game that gives players a chance to be a hero or become infamous. The game features a pretty good moral system, rewarding players with evil- and good-specific powers, along with missions. The action, climbing, and boss fights were all steller, and the story was pretty good, too. inFAMOUS 2 improves on every aspect of the original. The graphics are better, the combat is smoother, the moral system works better, and you get even more abilities at your disposal. There are also user-generated missions in the game, and while some are simple and boring, there are a good amount of challenging levels that let you flex your power. inFAMOUS is one of my favorite franchises, and the sequel really offers you a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else. If you haven’t played this yet, you owe it to yourself to pick up this title.