Jul 20, 2011

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School 26: Summer of Secrets Available Today For iOS

School 26: Summer of Secrets Available Today For iOS

Those who have read our review for Silicon Sisters’ newest iOS title School 26: Summer of Secrets should glad to learn that the wait is over. The second installment in a series of social mastery aimed for tween and teen girls can now be found in the Apple App Store for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

School 26: Summer of Secrets follows Kate as she gets ready for the hottest concert with her friends. As we all know from our days in high school, gossip is sure to be present and it’s up to Kate to share the right secret with the right person. Otherwise, she’ll gain the rep of being a blabbermouth. Silicon Sisters’ co-founder Kristen Forbes had this to say about the latest entry in the School 26 series:

“Our first School 26 game was about fitting in at a new school. Now that Kate has a network of friends, Summer of Secrets is more about being yourself and seeing the impact of your choices. As you play, the game tracks your decisions and presents you with a personality profile based on your playing style. So while you’re helping Kate sort out all of these secrets, you’ll also learn something about yourself.”

School 26: Summer of Secrets is priced at $2.99 for iPod Touch/iPhone and $4.99 for the HD version on the iPad. It is definitely worth picking up, even if you haven’t played the first.

[Source: Silicon Sisters Interactive]