Jul 19, 2011

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Steam Announces New Download System

Steam Announces New Download System

Though it comes a bit late (this would have been nice to have during the Steam Summer Sale), Steam announced the release of a new, more efficient download system.

“The new content system is designed to…deliver better download rates in more places…also to simply streamline the publishing process on Steam,” says Steam.

Steam is increasing its bandwidth to support more downloads, and will decrease wait time while downloading a high-demand game. Steam is also going to be able to decrease file sizes making title update downloads faster for everyone. This also gives Steam the support they need to add new features that users have been asking for such as download scheduling and game prioritizing, as well as live updating a game while you are playing it.

This update does not only affect you in a good way, it is also good for developers and publishers because it will simplify the publishing and updating process on Steam. It will give creators an opportunity to get their games and game updates on Steam faster.

[Source: Steam]