Jul 15, 2011

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Atlus to Bring King of Fighters XIII to EVO 2011, Otakon

Atlus to Bring King of Fighters XIII to EVO 2011, Otakon

Atlus announced earlier today that plans to attend both EVO 2011 in Las Vegas and Otakon in Baltimore had been made. The console version of upcoming The King of Fighters XIII will be available to play by attendees of both events to give fans of the series a hands-on experience with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Only at the EVO 2011 will there be a panel complete with a chance for fans to ask questions directly to one of the producers from the development team. Atlus will support KoFXIII tournaments being held at both events and provide special prizes for participants. Aram Jabbari, Manager of PR and Sales for Atlus, remarked:

“It is imperative to us that the KOF community’s loyalty not go unappreciated. We believe KOF XIII is the game they’ve been waiting for, and we want to make sure that we answer as many of their questions, satisfy as much of their curiosity, and reward as much of their dedication as possible.  To that end, we’re bringing the console release of THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII to EVO 2011 and Otakon to give patient fans a chance to try the game for themselves.  Moreover, we’re excited to have a key member of the development team join us for an EVO 2011 panel in which we hope we can give the community every opportunity to be heard.”

[Source: Atlus]