Jul 11, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Golden Axe

Trophy Guide: Golden Axe

Having the excitement of Welcome Back behind us and the thrill of new items coming soon; what better way to end it than another classic? As most readers should have plus by the time Golden Axe hits stateside lets look at how to complete this classic as easily as possible.


If you attempted Streets of Rage then I’m sure you noticed how hard that 800,000 point trophy was. Rejoice because the Golden Axe trophies are much easier. This can easily be completed in two or three hours and takes minimal effort. If you follow the below tips you can do it no problem.

Trophy Guide:


Ride the cockatrice.

Considering you’re given no names this could be confusing, but its not. The cockatrice is the weird purple mount. You will find two on the first stage and a few others later on. You don’t need to do anything special, but walk onto it.

Omni Character

Play as every character.

Generally speaking you should do three cycles so it’s not that bad. If you want, you can play as a character till level three then die. But this is what I think the general outline should be:

  1. Female: Do max tier magic and learn how to play the game.
  2. Male: Do max tier magic and co op offline.
  3. Gnome: Do max tier magic and perfect run plus online co op.

Turtle Village:

Choose any character and reach the turtle village stage (stage 3) without dying once.

Turtle village is stage three, but that’s actually stage two. You see every stage has a bonus stage after it. These bonus stages count in the total and because of that if you can beat stage one you will get the trophy. I had no issues doing this on my first try; only taking one damage total. If you’re having problems try the following.


Method A:

This stage has around nine enemies; so you’re not looking at much hassle. Dashing (double forward/backward) is your friend since it will knock enemies down if you add in an attack. The general idea to winning the stage is actually fairly simple. The second you find the mount (cockatrice) you will be doing considerably more damage. From this point forward take it slow as this will throw off enemy spawns. If you do it right enemies will spawn in small manageable amounts. Finally there will be two large enemies that do one bar of damage. If you go slow as previously instructed only one should attack. Get any of them to a corner and spam attacks. They will be unable to attack back plus die in a few hits.

Method B:

If you’re having issues just make a save and write over it each time you do good.

Method C:

Keep your distance and let your buddy do the work. No matter how many times they die it wont affect your trophy from unlocking.

Remember that you need to complete this stage with MINIMAL damage. Whatever damage you take transfers over to the next save and there’s no life elf’s after stage one.

Amazon Magic

Perform the level 6 magic attack with the Amazon.

You should see several blue elfs throughout the game. Each one has at least one magic pot. Each character requires a different amount to be maxed, but it’s easily obtainable before the end of stage three. When you can perform the skill push triangle and the trophy will pop.

Dwarf magic

Perform the level 3 magic attack with the Dwarf.

See “Amazon magic

Barbarian magic

Perform the level 4 magic attack with the Barbarian.

See “Amazon magic


Collect three potions from a thief or a party of thiefs.

This sounds more complex than it is. The first time you encounter thief’s you can get two from the bottom thief and one from the top thief. This can be performed here, but is better left till stage two. If you have two potions you should easily be able to hit the thief three times. This will come no matter how you go about it and if you’re super desperate, get one pot then use your magic if there’s two of them. This will give you three 100% of the time.


Choose any character and reach “Across the Sea” stage 5 without dying once.

Again this sounds harder than it is. This is actually stage three and you should have max or nearly max magic. Provided you actually have decent life from stage one; there should be minimal problems. The only road block I faced was falling over the edge at the start. Believe it or not it’s very easy so make a save at the start of the level.

Method A:

Walk till you get on the turtle shell. If you go down to far you WILL fall off the level and void the trophy. Kill the enemies that will rush you then play it safe. There should be a dragon mount shortly after the first three enemies. You want this mount no matter what. Once you have it the rest of the level will be enemies rushing you. If you’re worried you can make a save then keep trying. The biggest problem will be the other dragon. Simply avoid enemies till you see a skeleton. He is the last enemy you face. Simply kill him for the trophy.

Method B:

Co-Op: Find a friend to play with and have them do all the work.

Co-op win

Beat the game in local Co-op mode.

You have unlimited continues so the game can be beaten in 20 mins; so don’t stress over it. Just grab a buddy and finish the game. You can also use this opportunity to get the “no death” trophies as well.

Online Co-op

Complete an online Co-op game.

When you trigger a continue the trophy will pop. You do not have to beat the game, but you should for “Perfect win“.


Beat the game.

As previously stated you have unlimited continues so there’s no reason to fail. There are nine stages where four are bonus’s. If you’re having issues give “Perfect win” a quick look.

Perfect win

Beat the game without continuing.

If you’re like me and beat the first three stages without taking damage with minimal effort than you might think this trophy will be a piece of cake; however the last two stages are extremely easy to die and offer few means of trickery to win. I strongly suggest you use a buddy, but I will guide you for both methods.

Enemy information:

Only large enemies and skeletons can take out bars in one or few hits. Sadly only bald giants have a easy method to kill them (once their down you can keep them down); so this is going to boil down to your avoidance skills. Your best chance to beat knights is to rush then randomly. If you’re giving them too much distance it can get you killed.

End Boss:

No game is truly fun unless the boss is hard. Rejoice because he is brutal! There’s a 99% chance you wont have the mount (or keep it long); so you need to understand how to fight the boss.

Enemy breakdown:

  • 1x bald giant (red)
  • 1x mace guy (red)
  • 1x club guy (red)
  • 4/5x skeletons
  • End boss

The boss will spawn shortly into the fight and can only be damaged when he starts to move around. Make sure you have some magic to use to save yourself. The only way to win is to kill the side enemies. This makes the fight very hard as the end boss has homing attacks (dash to avoid). Killing the enemies fast will come down to luck and dash exploiting.

When everything, but the end boss is dead; it’s time to face him head on. By himself hes weak. The only thing you need to do is play footsie (randomly move around) and wait for him to use magic (homing attack). After he starts rush him; if you time it right he should be open to an attack. Just hit him with normal attacks till hes thrown, rinse and repeat till dead.


If you play the game with someone else they can do most of the hard work. All you need to do is have one bar of life come the end of the game. I strongly suggest using the dwarf, but even using this method isn’t fool proof. Also make sure to remember that friendly fire is on. And as always keep saving.