Jul 7, 2011

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Dragon Age II: Legacy Coming July 26

Dragon Age II: Legacy Coming July 26

It was inevitable that Dragon Age II, despite its mixed reception, would get true DLC. Previously, the DLC was revealed via leaked achievements.  Today, at their Summer Showcase, EA showed off Legacy for the first time with a live demo.  The game will feature all new areas to explore (who knew there was a world outside of Kirkwall?), and will apparently explore the story of the Hawke family, especially the father.  Legacy will offer brand new creatures to battle (including new darkspawn), as well as offering new challenges for existing creatures.  For example, in the demo, you battle a pride demon that duplicates itself, making the battle more challenging.

In general, Bioware promise Legacy will offer new combat challenges, making battles even more tactical so that you must carefully use your environment in order to defeat your enemies.  Ultimately, you will face an enemy “so powerful, even the Grey Wardens had kept it a secret,” although what this enemy is was not elaborated upon.

The adventure continues on July 26, and will cost $10.  Dragon Age II: Legacy will be available for PC, Mac, and consoles.

For more info, check out the official site.

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