Jul 4, 2011

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Steam Summer Camp Sale Going on Now

Steam Summer Camp Sale Going on Now

Do you have a game that you have been putting off buying? If you have a Steam account, now is the perfect time to pick up those games you have been wanting to try during this year’s Steam’s Summer Camp Sale.

Steam’s Summer Camp Sale began on June 30th and is active until July 10th. Every day brings different deals starting at 1:00pm EST and lasting until 1:00pm EST the next day. It’s not just Indie games that Steam has put on sale, but games like Dragon Age II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are all on sale for at least 40% off. Unfortunately, we do not know what games will be on sale before the site is updated at 1:00, so keep refreshing your Steam store.

Grab the games you want during these sale days because you may not get this chance again. And don’t forget to strive for achievements. Earning achievements earns you Steam coupons which you can redeem for in-game gear, maps, etc. Also, earning the achievements gets you the chance to win the top ten games on your Wishlist.

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