Jul 1, 2011

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Club Nintendo 2011 Elite Rewards Detailed

Club Nintendo 2011 Elite Rewards Detailed

If you haven’t heard, Nintendo has a loyalty program known as “Club Nintendo,”  where you can redeem codes found in first party titles for coins to buy items. Every year, Nintendo rewards people who obtain 300 and 600 coins, respectively, with a special gift. Previous years’ gifts have included calendars,  Mario’s hat, and a figure.  With the official Club Nintendo year ending yesterday, fans were left wondering what could this year’s gifts be?

Despite Zelda turning 20, Nintendo felt it was best to rehash Mario’s 25th. Similar to one of Japan’s prizes last year (yes, they get several choices), the US is getting a badge (button) collection. It’s really a nice set, but falls short of Japan’s rewards. If you would like to see the differences between the sets, the Japanese set can be found here and the US version here.

As always, gold will get you a calendar, and all prizes will be delivered before 2012.  Remember, you only have until the end of the month (July 31) to claim your gift, so if you qualified for gold or platinum status, make sure to head over to the Club Nintendo page and claim your prize.

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