Jun 30, 2011

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Mighty Fin to Have Exciting Update Plus Lite Version

Mighty Fin to Have Exciting Update Plus Lite Version

Recently, one of our own Juan reviewed Launching Pad’s iOS title Mighty Fin. Launching Pad announced today some pretty exciting news about their latest update along with promises of bigger updates on the way. For those who are still on the fence about this title, Launching Pad has you covered with a lite version.

The 1.1.1 update available now features all the original content from the launch version plus a Survival mode and eight extra unlockable costumes, such as jester hat and Roman Centurion helmet. Survival mode will have you trying to control Fin as he swims faster and faster. The lite version comes with three fulls in all three of the modes: Normal, Survival, and Endless. There are also eleven costumes available in this version. As with all lite version of iOS titles, this is free.

For 99 cents, this sounds like a great summer deal. Future updates have been planned throughout the summer with new levels and achievements. Launching Pad seems very pleased that since its release four weeks ago, Mighty Fin has been “swimming” its way up gaming charts and has some really good reviews.

[Source: Launching Pad]