Jun 30, 2011

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Contest: Codestravaganza (Winners)

Contest: Codestravaganza (Winners)

After such a strong turnout and with so many great entries this Codestravaganza it’s sadly over. Before we talk about who won I would like to thank anyone who took the time to include a picture. The extra effort was appreciated and many people had some interesting items. Oddly enough I would also like to congratulate anyone who didn’t claim to be a Gears fan. That was by far the least popular entry method leaving mostly people highly interested in the game.

The following are the winners of each contest and are in the same order as the original contest.

  • Tweet “I’m going to win big at the @Vividgamer Codestravganza and you can too. Just head here http://j.mp/jwvuHp ‎to enter!”
    • @Gamingftw92
  • Comment here explaining or a picture of some kind of interesting gaming merchandise. In the event you have nothing you deem interesting then anything gaming will do. Don’t forget to include your system preference “Xbox”, “Psp”, or “PS3″.
    • Wuvein (PS3)
    • Neo-metatron (Xbox)
  • Reply to @Vividgamer explaining why you’re the ultimate Gears of War fan. Make sure to include #VGGF or your entry will not be considered valid.
    • @mrkaboomcon
  • Secret!
    • Crazedimp321 (PS3)

I hope everyone had fun with the contest and enjoyed themselves. If you didn’t win you can always follow our twitter @Vividgamer and try your luck at our code drops (#VGCD)! We will be giving away a few games in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled.