Jun 29, 2011

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NPD: More People Buy Online Capable Games for the Xbox 360

NPD: More People Buy Online Capable Games for the Xbox 360

Everyone looks at the NPD group differently but they do present us with some interesting stats. For instance take this newest set of stats released showing Xbox 360 leading PS3 and the Wii in retail sales of online-capable games and retail points cards.

The graph which you can see above shows the Xbox 360 selling almost twice as many online-capable games as the PS3 in 2010 and almost seven times the amount as the Wii. This is definitely a testament to the excellent online service that Xbox 360 provided to gamers from day one.

There is no doubt that the PS3 failed to offer the same features that gamers became accustomed to thanks to the original Xbox. Even though both the Wii and PS3 service is free the PSN service took far too long to catch up to the features Xbox Live offers and in the case of the Wii, Nintendo never really supported online play at all.

Although I will say from first hand experience that the quality of online play is identical on the 360 and PS3 but many gamers believe that the party chat and cross game chat feature is what makes the 360 their preferred online choice. It should be noted that NPD did not measure the amount of time these games were played online.

In terms of digital points cards, retailers sold four times as many Xbox 360 cards than the PS3 and both systems easily outsold the Wii. However you have to keep in-mind that on the PS3 you can purchase your game for the exact amount rather than having to use points you can also purchase PSN titles on Amazon as well so I don’t think you can take too much away from the retail card sales.

In any event the NPD stats should be a wakeup call for both Sony and Nintendo to show them that consumers do want a great online service and they will probably pay for it.

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