Jun 29, 2011

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It’s Official: 3DS Interest Dropped From E3 ’10 To Launch

It’s Official: 3DS Interest Dropped From E3 ’10 To Launch

I know I was one of the gamers who was blown away by Nintendo’s 2010 E3 presentation in which they unveiled the 3DS for the first time.  I have been a huge fan and advocate for the DS, so I was super excited about Nintendo’s next handheld.  I determined I would do what I could to save up the $250+ necessary to pre-order a 3DS and a game or two when the time came.  But then the time came, and the official launch colors and games were revealed, along with the fact that the eShop and browser wouldn’t be available for months after launch (they became available early this month in an update), and my interest waned.  Not only did I not pre-order, but I still have not purchased one, despite the fact that I own close to one hundred DS titles.  Talking to friends, I don’t seem to be the only one who found themselves in a similar situation, and I only know a few gamers personally that have invested in the 3DS.

Now the numbers are official: not only has the 3DS had a slower launch (in terms of sales) than the DS, purchase intent apparently dropped by 27 percent prior to the March launch of the handheld, according to recent results by market research firm Interpret.

According to Interpret analyst Michael Cai, Nintendo “put the cart before the horse; that is, they released the hardware without the necessary software to engender robust sales.”

The interesting factor in the study (which was an analysis of consumer interest in 3D tech), is that gamers are not turned off by 3D; in fact, the study showed the PS3 and 360 owners were more likely than other consumers to consider purchasing a 3D TV within the next year.

The study was conducted before this year’s E3 and launch of Ocarina of Time 3D, so it will be interesting to see how the 3DS fares for the rest of the year, especially with a very release-heavy third- and fourth- quarter.  Still, these numbers, combined with my personal anecdotal evidence, make me wonder if Nintendo would have been better of delaying the launch of the 3DS until summer, or even fall, of this year.

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