Jun 28, 2011

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Resident Evil: Mercenaries Save Data Restriction Explained

Resident Evil: Mercenaries Save Data Restriction Explained

One of the big hot-button topics this week was Capcom “screwing” customers on resale value or just locking people out with the restrictive save policy in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. So I am here to explain what exactly this feature means and how you can get around it.

The second you boot Resident Evil, the game will save, which allows you to mess with the settings. Here you can enable/disable the save feature to decide when you want to save. This can lead to constantly restarting, just unlocking every stage, or whatever you wish. More importantly, this feature can be used as a buffer to corrupt your save data, forcing the game to remake, and more importantly, restart the game.

The following is a listing of the core content you have by default:

  • 3 Characters (Chris, Jill, Hunk)
  • 1 Stage (tutorial)
  • 0 Skills
  • 0 Medals
  • 0 Costumes
  • 0 Alternate Weapons

The first two worlds are basically tutorials, with the first two stages being an introduction to running/shooting. I was able to make it to stage 3-3 within 20 minutes. You unlock characters as you beat worlds, and side tasks unlock skills. You can level up your skills, but it takes quite a while to accomplish this feat. Judging off this rate, most of the base unlocks can be completed in under four hours. The amount of content you’re missing out is rather minimal, and the biggest let down is no medal resetting.

How people react to this issue will differ on a person to person basis, but this isn’t even the first game to use such a restrictive save feature. Even some DS/3DS titles have them, but people seem really concerned with the inability to overwrite the save data. If you feel slighted that you can’t easily resell the game because of this, or if you feel the few hours required to unlock most core items is a big deal, skip out on this title. If you’re on the fence, check back in a few days for our review.