Jun 24, 2011

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Red Panda Games Releases Fat Farming Girl

Red Panda Games Releases Fat Farming Girl

Red Panda Games’ latest title, Fat Farming Girl, follows a chubby farmer as she tries to save her home by managing a struggling goat farm. The farming-sim challenges how Western society views body image, financial status, and stereotypical paths to happiness.

Players have to carefully manage their schedules and build stats in order to reach one of many endings. Not all endings are the typical “marry rich to avoid the poor house” or “build a successful business.” Red Panda Games promises a few sinister endings and paths.

Fat Farming Girl is available now on Red Panda Games’ official site for free. Red Panda is also known for their visual novel titles such as Bipo: Mystery of the Red Panda and Curse of Slate Rock Manor, which we reviewed here.

[Source: Red Panda Games]