Jun 22, 2011

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Tips: Duke Nukem Forever – Insane Difficulty

Tips: Duke Nukem Forever – Insane Difficulty

When you think of shooters nowadays, you think of all the fancy features to get the job done. This could be from doing barrel rolls, being a good shot, using the cheapest weapon or breaking your controller and giving up. Duke Nukem Forever is a bit harder because you do not have many fancy moves to help you, but if you are up to the challenge of Insane mode, we’ve got a small guide to help you through Insane mode.


From the start you will want to have strong, useful weapons and nothing beats the Ripper/Shotgun. One of these should be your main weapon until you can get something with more power. The shotgun is key for berserker pig cops (the ones that rush you) or enemies that use teleportation. I strongly suggest never using the rocket launcher on normal enemies since it does not work out well. The point is to make it to Duke Burger Part 3, which is the roof where you fight several enemies. This area is important because it is the last place you find the shrink gun. This is the single most important item you will find in the WHOLE GAME. The whole point to this weapon is that you get 10 shots (ammo is extremely rare though) and it will automatically make any non-boss enemy worthless. This is highly important because it is sort of an ace-in-the-hole situation. Once you hit a new section you should get maximum ammo so make the most of it.

General Tips:

Play the game on whatever difficulty you feel comfortable first. I played on hard and it was a jump in difficulty. The biggest change is how you handle bosses so playing Hard first will not give you an advantage. However, make sure you have near or max ego prior to starting insane. You can use chapter select to increase your ego.

Memorize parts you could see being a problem later on. Trust me, some of the most random parts will give you trouble.

Remember you can use Duke vision to see in the dark.

DO NOT try and do a trophy/achievement run on this difficulty! This will most likely give you more stress than it is worth. Finish all achievements/trophies and then go back and simply concentrate on playing through the game on the Insane playthrough.

Save beer/holoduke for situations where it is 100% required. I generally suggest failing a few times before using it unless you see another nearby.

Stick to distance weapons! Getting close to enemies will not pay off.

Rough Parts:

Highway Battle Part 2:

This should be the part from the demo and boy it can get hard on insane. The key here is to use distance to pick off the pig cops who rush you, but keep in mind around four of them will man the turret. After they are done, when you make it to the house, 2 pig cops will rush you. I strongly suggest just using the shotgun on them. Move a little further ahead and a berserker should spawn behind you. TAKE HIM OUT OR YOU WILL DIE. Slowly move forward and kill the two enemies by the rocks. After they’re dead move back to the house and claim the rail gun. Head back to the mountain where you killed the two pig cops, but move to the left first. In that general area there should be a rocket. Pick this up then move forward. Several pig cops should rush you plus another pig cop on the turret again. You will want to waste the rocket on the pig cops to get rid of some followed by finishing the others off with the rail gun. This should kill them. Finally use the rail gun to pick off the turret followed by reclaiming your previous weapons. This part might give you a lot of trouble and if you cannot pull it off keep in mind there’s a beer next to the building above the car.

Shrunk Machine Part 2:

At the end of the level there is a mini-boss battle. You cannot shrink him so you need to bring him down and the only weapon that does actual damage is the shotgun. There is one to the right of the table by the body however, DO NOT pick this up until the mini boss spawns. Now all you need to do is keep minimal distance. He shouldn’t shoot you if he can step on you. Keep using the shotgun until he is about dead. I strongly suggest putting a ripper with max ammo down for the shotgun since it should finish him off. This might take some trial and error, but doable.


There are MANY situations where these guys will cause problems, but for the most part there are two things to keep in mind. The first is that they don’t usually shoot at you, instead they shoot where they think you are going to go. Keep your distance, it will help you a LOT. The next tip is that they will use telekinetic powers on grenades, but this is good! Since they will pull pipe bombs to them you can blow them up in their face with minimal effort!

The best way to deal with them though is using the shrink gun. When you shrink them they’re so weak 2 – 3 bullets will kill them. Sadly they’re fairly hard to hit small so try to use explosions to your advantage. Shrink + Pipe bomb is so incredibly effective!



This fight is great practice on how the final boss will be. There is nothing hard about this… simply keep moving and you should never get hit.

Battlelord (Vegas):

This fight can be hard since he will block you from ammo supplies when he is about to die. The best thing to do is keep running around in a circle avoiding him and using gaps to resupply. When he gets lower in life start using bombs/traps, which should either kill him or buy you some extra time.

Alien Queen:

You should have a shotgun/rocket combo with max bombs. Use the shotgun to take out little guys and the bombs to open her up to rocket fire. Around 30% life she will summon octabrains… DO NOT FIRE THE ROCKET WHEN YOU SEE AN OCTABRAIN OR YOU WILL DIE. I found tossing pipe bombs and blowing them up a good method to deal with them followed by a quick resupply. She will summon another around when she screams. Try to play smart and you’ll be fine. In the event you cannot pull off the ending… Try to get her to like 5 – 10% and use your beer. This should give you enough edge to win.

Battlelord (Dam):

It might actually pay off to die and restart because this will cause the area to go back to normal. Your best plan will be to keep near him, but remain safe. The closer you are, the less likely it is to rush you. Once the lord loses an eye, the fight should get much harder. This is going to come down to trying to get him away from ammo supplies and then rushing them. You will most likely use beer or holoduke so try to make them count! Do not worry about the other enemies though… they shouldn’t attack you, but if they do take them out with a rocket.


Many claim this is a hard fight, but I found it fairly easy. The whole key is to shrink octabrains and blow them up. There is an ammo resupply/grenade resupply so this shouldn’t be an issue. There is also a beer in the ammo resupply box. If you do damage effectively you should only see two waves of octabrains. From here you shouldn’t have any issues other than avoiding damage. If you are bad at this then drink another beer, but this fight should be a joke if you can kill the two waves. A big warning however, don’t use the devastator on the octabrains since they will fire it back at you.


This is really down to luck, but I found it is easier to get it stuck on the left side so try to keep moving to the right. Always try to lock on and never stop moving.


If you are worried about this fight then don’t, its honestly a joke. Never stop moving and keep pig cops off with rockets until the boss is dead. When this happens kill around 12 more pig cops and finally leave one more around for later. Finish off the boss’s first form and start the second. Here you should have 12 rockets lying around so pick them up, however, keep in mind you should leave 1 rocket left over so you don’t waste ammo. His next form should die rather fast and you can start the end. Here you will have him and the pig cop shooting at you. As long as the cop doesn’t die more enemies shouldn’t spawn. Try to hold off until re-supply comes and really just keep moving. If you are a decent shot this should be cake.