Jun 21, 2011

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First Portal 2 DLC is Already Available

First Portal 2 DLC is Already Available

So you blew through the lunacy of Portal 2’s solo campaign and saved science with a buddy during the co-op campaign. Now what? Well, with the launch of the new Razer Hydra Motion Controller brings the unveiling of Portal 2’s first DLC offering. Built from the ground up to only work with this controller, the Portal 2 Sixense Motion Pack brings surprising new gameplay changes to the world of Aperture Science.

Product Features

  • Play Portal 2 like never before: The Motion Pack DLC lets players experience the Portal 2 single and multiplayer campaigns with a low latency, intuitive, and immersive motion control scheme. You haven’t played Portal 2 until you have played Portal 2 with motion.
  • One To One: The Motion Pack DLC allows for true One To One object manipulation with unparalleled position and orientation precision. Whether you are reaching out with your companion cube, redirecting lasers with deadly precision, or throwing objects with pinpoint accuracy, motion gaming has never been so precise.
  • Portal Surfing: Bend your mind and defy physics by rotating and sliding portals into exact positions and orientations.
  • Object Scaling: Resize custom weighted cubes to harness their size and mass properties to crush turrets, bridge gaps, and solve puzzles in a new and exciting way.
  • Over 10 new motion-exclusive maps: The Motion Pack includes a set of custom single-player puzzle maps that can only be solved with true six degree-of-freedom controllers. Now you are thinking with motion.

While motion controls in Portal 2 certainly sound enticing, the hefty asking price of $139.99 might be a tad too high for most buyers to swallow. But if you’ve got the money to spend, check out the gameplay footage below and share your thoughts on the admittedly interesting new enhancements that Razer has made to the game.

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