Jun 17, 2011

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Sega Pass Hacked, User Details Compromised

Sega Pass Hacked, User Details Compromised

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little sick of hearing stories like this one.  It seems ever since the first hack of PSN, hacking has become the thing to do, and almost every day we get news of some site or service that was hacked.

The latest victim is Sega, with Sega Pass members receiving emails this morning notifying them that their information may have been compromised.  This information includes birth dates, emails, and encrypted passwords.  Sega stress that passwords were encrypted, and payment information was stored by third parties, so no credit card info was leaked.

Sega encourage everyone who may use duplicate passwords to change said passwords on other accounts as a precaution, and to be extra vigilant for any scam emails in the near future.

In addition, Sega Pass has temporarily been suspended until further notice, and users will not be able to login for the time being, as an additional precautionary measure.

[Source: Sega]