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Jun 17, 2011

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Bungie Offering Halo: Reach Blue Flaming Helmet Through Mobile App

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners with iOS 4 or higher can now receive “Blue Flames” (blue flaming helmet) and an All-Star nameplate for Halo: Reach through the Bungie Mobile application. The flaming blue helmet was previously only available to Halo: Reach game developers; now it’s available for you. The best part is, it’s free.

Both items are available forever if you are attaching them to your own account. If you want to gift one or both of the items, you only have until July 7th to do so.

To get the item in game you must have an Xbox LIVE gamertag and a Windows Live ID attached to Bungie.net. With these linked, the items you accept on your phone will automatically be available for you in Halo: Reach. After downloading the application, log in to the mobile app using your Windows Live/Bungie.net ID, tap “Love Bungie,” tap the item that you want to accept, and slide the slidebar to the “on” position.


[Source: Bungie]

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