Jun 16, 2011

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1000 Heroz – 1,000,000 Restarts

1000 Heroz – 1,000,000 Restarts

It appears that players are hooked on RedLynx’s latest iOS title, 1000 Heroz. RedLynx announced that in the short time 1000 Heroz has been out, there have been over 1 million restarts. A restart in the game counts as a separate attempt to play through a game level. Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx, comments:

"Over 1 million restarts in such a short time -- for a new kind of game like this -- is remarkable.

The promise of 1000 Heroz is to deliver something new and fresh every day – for a thousand days. It looks like 1000 Heroz is delivering on that promise in a remarkable way.”

1000 Heroz is currently holding the top spot in its home country of Finland, which it has been at since twelve hours after its release. The iOS title is also quickly gaining in the other countries as well.

[Source: RedLynx]