Jun 14, 2011

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Microsoft Condemns PSN Breach

Microsoft Condemns PSN Breach

At Microsoft’s E3 keynote briefing, the company officially took a stance on the recent hacking of rival Sony’s PlayStation Network.  The comments were made by Microsoft COO Dennis Durkin and Corporate VP for Xbox Live, Mark Whitten, and condemned the cyber-attack.

When asked about the attack and the security of Xbox Live, Durkin stated, “We don’t view it as a good thing for our industry. When we think about the future of the industry, with regards to privacy, security, digital rights – all the things that are really important for consumers to feel like they trust the systems they’re using.”

“Something we’ve felt was always very important for Xbox Live; we’re invested in people’s privacy and their security and making sure that we work to keep it a cheat-free and hack-free environment.  That’s something we’ve always been about. It’s something we take very seriously. It continues to be a very big priority for us.”

Whitten went on to say, “We don’t want anyone to go through what Sony’s going through. We think it’s bad for the industry. We want safe online environments,” he said. “I think we all agree what the future is in terms of where our business is going and we want consumers to feel safe and that they’ll have reliable quality of service and safety of their information. This is something we drive very, very hard across the company.”

Offering advice to online gamers, Whitten said that security is very important and players should be careful with their online details, “I think it’s a message to consumers about making sure they take the right safety precautions in terms of the services that they use.  Using the same user ID and password across different systems is a very dangerous thing to do.”

This news comes on the heels of a recent spike in cyber-attacks on the video game industry, with companies like Codemasters, Bethesda and Epic Games being the most recent victims.  The attack on the PlayStation Network left PlayStation users without online capabilities for nearly a month.

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