Jun 14, 2011

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Blind Eye Games to Bring Safe Zone on the PC

Blind Eye Games to Bring Safe Zone on the PC

Indie game company, Blind Eye Games, announced that they’re planning on releasing their first title this fall for the PC. Safe Zone is a tactical adventure RPG that looks like Oregon Trail meets the zombie apocalypse. Currently there is a trailer available which show off the different parts of the gameplay.

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Gameplay consists mainly of three parts; a top down free exploration for searching for supplies, a side shooting defense to take on slow-moving zombies, and a menu-based travel and encounter system. Other features of Safe Zone include:

·         Fist fights with raiders
·         Puzzle based gameplay for moving traffic jams, disarming traps and hot-wiring cars
·         Stealth based infiltration of raider camps
·         Side scrolling beat-em-up gameplay during a frontal attack on a raider camp
·         Innovative Morale system that affects your stats based on your party’s confidence, fear, and general mental well being.
·         Much more!

While the release date is slated for this fall, Blind Eye Games is running a fundraiser campaign on KickStarter which will allow those who support the indie company to receive beta access in July. This is just one reward for helping Blind Eye Games reach their $5,500 goal to increase production values. Other rewards are the inclusion of a character based on contributors, to working with Blind Eye Games to add a special item or accessory to the game of your creation, and many more. Those who pledge $25 or more will gain the access to the beta in early July.

“Our hook is ‘Zombie Apocalypse Meets Oregon Trail,’ but Safe Zone is very much its own game, with gameplay much deeper than our tag implies. We are taking a lot of old school gameplay elements and adding layers of strategy and integration that will make Safe Zone really stand out.” said Trevor Scott, Co-founder and Creative Director, Blind Eye Games.

“We really want to allow users to create their own content through map editing, custom campaign creation, and more, but we need the community’s help to make this happen,” said John Sawyer, Co-founder and Technical Director, Blind Eye Games. “We’re really excited to get Safe Zone out in front of the public and hear the community’s feedback for the first time.”

From the trailer and all I’ve read, Blind Eye Games looks to have a promising title on their hands. Expect to hear more about this title as we get the information in. Until then, feel free to either visit their official site or donate via KickStarter.

[Source: Blind Eye Games]