Jun 13, 2011

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Trophy Guide: Streets of Rage 2

Trophy Guide: Streets of Rage 2

Streets of Rage 2 was set to be released as a freebie for PSN+ members. With plus being free this month due to the PSN being down, some wondered if that would affect this game. In the European store you’re free to grab it, though, so surely it will be free in the US soon. Since every gamer will have a shot at this game for free during the plus trial, why not try to 100% it?


Trophy Guide:

Pipe Wielder

Wield the pipe in single player or co-op.

On every level you will see a pipe, be it in an enemie’s hand, or under a breakable object. You just need to walk over it and punch.

Knife Wielder

Wield the knife in single player or co-op.

On every level you will see a knife, be it in an enemie’s hand, or under a breakable object. You just need to walk over it and punch.


Kill 10 enemies without losing your weapon.

This is actually really tricky, and I strongly suggest you do it on easy. The main issue you will face is either the level ends and you lose the item, or you grab an enemy, which drops your weapon. In either case, I strongly suggest you wait for level three and break open the alien eggs (caution: they blow up). Under the second one you will find a sword that gives you good distance, and you can slay several enemies with it.

Perfect Boss

Beat the first boss without dying.

All things considered, this is easy even on hardest difficulty. The first boss is prone to blocking over attacking, so he’s easy to damage. Like all bosses, there is also a turkey (that gives you full life) under a trash can. The best way to go about beating him is to pick Axel and do your uppercut (forward > forward > punch). Most times he will block it and take serious damage.

Fourth Boss

Beat the forth boss.

Here you need to take down a wrestler who is a bit different than most bosses. Unlike others, he can break your attack and hit you with his own, but this only happens if you attack him too many times. The best method to beating him is to pick Axel and keep your distance. Most times he will dive at you and you can get a good uppercut in (forward > forward > punch), or in rare cases he will rush you. When he rushes, you must hit him with the uppercut as you will get several hits in, which will do far more damage than any other attack.

First Versus

Beat another player in an online versus match.

I found Skate is good at getting critical damage on an enemy. Try to get someone in a corner and use your forward triangle skill. If he hits, you can do 30 – 50% damage.

Online Warrior

Beat 10 opponents in online versus mode.

See “First Versus.

Online Co-Op

Complete an online co-op game.

Find a friend and create a room together. Set the match up with max lives, lowest difficulty, and make sure they’re a team player. Beating this mode should be easy, but friendly fire is enabled and will cause you some difficulty.

High Score

Score 800,000 in one game with game setting hardcore.

Here you have it, the hardest trophy. When you set the game to hardcore, you automatically lower yourself to one life on hardest. The difference between hard and hardest is quite vast, and lower settings show an even greater difference. Before you start this trophy you must be alone. The trophy will not appear if you play with another person. You should also make sure you’re okay with saving constantly. If you don’t mind these two things, then anyone can achieve this trophy.

The most important thing to remember is how to win with minimal skill. I strongly suggest you play as Axel, since his uppercut is the most grounded attack. To do his super combo, simply input punch > punch > punch > forward > forward > punch. This will destroy most enemies and give you a chance to escape some damage without using a special. Another highly important fact is that non-level ending bosses are far easier to take down with basic spamming.


Easily Missed Lives:

-Stage 1: At the start if you go to the bottom left you can pick up a 1up.

-Stage 2: When you get off the truck, go to the top left for an easy 1up.

-Stage 3: In the area you fight the weird alien head you will find an 1up hidden under him (bottom of the screen).


Making the Most of your Saves:

The key to winning for most people will be constantly saving. The only problem is making the same problem again and again. While the enemy tips below should assist you in some ways, there is a far easier method to hit 999,999 without a death. When you play the game you should be saving once you finish a hard area. The important thing is during boss battles after you get a hit you should save. The best time is while they’re still in the air. “Why is this important?” you may wonder, and trust me, it is. You see, the game likes to lock in choices. Once you save the game, if you know the boxer is going to this corner, then that corner, you can just stand there and get a cheap hit. This will work most times and also gives you good insight into what the enemy is planning.


Enemy Tips:

-Woman: When she goes to whip you, you will have a while to get close to her and get in some hits.
-Bartender: He likes to block, so spam him with uppercuts. Once you get him down, if you time it right, you can constantly uppercut him till he dies.
-Ninja: These guys love to rush you, so hold back and randomly punch. They have an odd habit of walking into attacks.
-Jet Pack: Most annoying enemy by far, but easiest to exploit. Keep your distance and stand still until you see him doing a forward rocket punch. When he does this, jump towards him, kicking. You should hit him 100% of the time and take no damage.

-Claw: Keep running around till you see him rushing you. When this occurs, just keep uppercutting and you should get a clean hit.
-Fat Guys: Stay far away from them till you see fire. When this occurs, get out of their way, then move behind him. Do the classic combo and you should be golden.
-Wrestler: This guys a joke in his non-boss form. When you knock him down you can keep kicking him (even poorly timed) and he can never get up.
-Boxer: Wait for him to jump at you and simply uppercut.


If you’re worried about pulling this off, here are the scores I achieved doing the above tips.



Kill Jet

Defeat Bass “Jet” at the end of stage 2 with the game setting hardcore.

Very easy fight. When it’s just between you and him, keep a distance and stand still. This will usually cause him to rocket punch. When he does that, jump kick into him for easy damage. You should hit him 100% of the time.

Hard Win

Beat the game without using a special attack.

Special attacks eat your health, but give insane damage. These are used by pushing triangle and can only be activated this way. If you’re worried, you might hit the button my mistake, set it to an unused button like L1.

Perfect Win

Beat the game without continuing.

There are three basic ways to achieve this, and they’re all fairly easy.

Base setting:

Custom, 8 Lives, Very Easy

Method 1:

Play the game and hope you’re good enough to pull this off. With eight lives and very easy, it shouldn’t be too taxing.

Method 2:

Find a friend and win or lay back as they do all the work.

Method 3:

Make a lot of saves and keep retrying till you get it right.