Jun 13, 2011

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When it comes to oddly designed games, it’s hard to have a solid game plan. So much of the game is based off when, where, and how you play the game. Since only engineer is used for dedicated challenges, depending on when when you do these challenges, you might waste time or effort on bad skills. Another key example are the countless useful skills that fall short, but not everything is bad. In the following guide you will have all the tools to make the most of Brink and reduce the stress. If you follow the order and tips there is no reason you can’t beat the game offline with bots.


Suggested Playing Order:

Due to the game getting harder as you level, I ordered everything in terms of difficulty. If you don’t want to break up the order on campaign stages, make sure you do the challenges first! Otherwise, these stages become beyond difficult if you get into the level 15 range.

Challenge Order
1This is by far the hardest challenge because the AI is useless. The key is to do this early so you can manage it. For the best luck, rush every objective, but only go for it if you drop 2+ enemies. Some objectives, like repairing, remain even if you die, so if you get stuck, slowly complete it. If you can't pull this off, give the abilities table a look over.
3This challenge involves bringing a robot from point A to B. This is quite hard, but far harder later on. The key is to be next to it and kill the waves. They will come out of rooms with a flashing light. Once the light goes off, the room is clear. They only spawn when all the enemies from the room are dead, so leaving one alive isn’t a bad idea. The best method when the machine breaks is to fix it around 90%, then finish off all, or leave one enemy and fix it 100%. Then finish off the last enemy to get past that area.
4Always plant a mine next to the objective! Next, look for flashing lights and get the drop on them. This will come down to how good you are vs how bad they are.
2This challenge set involves just moving around. Look for lights and double push-jump to climb up. You might fail for being careless, but this should offer you no issues. This is also the only challenge that's universally easy, so if you want to wait, it won't cause an issue.


Since challenges are mostly you versus them, they’re harder than the campaign. Don’t think this makes the campaign easy, though! Certain challenges are far harder than others. Some of these include going in the enemies spawn, doing several tasks, and generally poor design work. The following is the suggest order for campaign. If you follow this order, even offline you can beat hard with moderate difficulty.

Campaign Order
Resistance Day 8 “Airborne”This level is high on objectives and most of them are by the enemy spawn. Expect minimal assistance from the AI so you want to do it early.
Security Day 6 “Early Launch”When you get to the end, there's a small hacking terminal. This is in a grenade dream spot! You have minimal cover and enemies will constantly come at you. Most likely you will die standing in the middle, so find a safe place. Since you add distance, a full hack is over one minute.
Security Day 4: “Dirty Bomb”This is another maintenance bot escort mission. At the end of the level, you need to get some plans, which is very difficult to do.
Resistance Day 6 “Black Box”After you deal with the annoying maintenance escort, you need to hack a small room by the enemy spawn point. Sadly, this spot is a grenadier's dream, as there's no where to really go.
Security Day 3: “Smash and Grab”After you break into the safe, there's a code you need to deliver. The spot also happens to be in the back of the enemy spawn. Expect loads of resistance that will only get harder later on.
Everything that doesn’t say “Defend”These objectives require you to do something which is harder than preventing. Even with the bad AI, preventing is actually doable with ease.
Defend levelsSo much of the game includes areas close to the enemy spawn point. However, on defend levels, you're in the easy spots. These are also far quicker to do.
"What If" MissionsThese are usually alternates of levels that were hard. Most of them are defense, and overall, were easier than the normal campaign. These also don't have to be completed on hard for the trophy.


Quick Leveling:

The fastest way to level is playing Medic, because they get 175 exp for reviving someone. The best place to level is part 2 (Hacking objective) on Security Day 6 “Early Launch.” This area is really small and requires a lot of action. So stay alive and buff/revive the best you can! If you make it to the end and don’t hack it right off the bat, you should average 10,000+ exp a game. If you’re having issues, look at my abilities listing for some tips.