Jun 13, 2011

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THQ Shuts Down Homefront Developer Kaos Studios

THQ Shuts Down Homefront Developer Kaos Studios

Today THQ confirmed to GameSpot that they will be shutting down New York based Kaos Studios along with Digital Warrington, a UK based studio. Kaos Studios created the first-person shooter Homefront which received mixed reviews but sold more than 2.6 million units. Though the title was a retail success, issues with online play killed the lasting appeal of the title at the same time the single player was criticized for its length.

Homefront was originally planned to be a yearly competitor to other shooters but whether or not we’ll see Homefront 2 is in the hands of THQ Monteral studio who will now handle the franchise.

“THQ confirmed today that it has made a strategic realignment within its internal studio structure and is in the process of closing two locations: the company’s UK studio and Kaos studio in New York,” the publisher’s statement to GameSpot reads.

Digital Warrington recently released Red Faction: Battlegrounds in April which also received mixed reviews. This studio was previously known for creating the Juiced racing franchise.

It’s always sad to see another game developer shutdown especially after selling 2.6 million copies of a game. Homefront’s multiplayer had a great concept but the nagging issues kept it from being anything close to what it set out to be. Fans of the franchise will now have to sit and wait to see what THQ Monteral can do with the franchise, if they even decide to continue with it.

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