Jun 10, 2011

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Japan Gets Red 3DS Next Month

Japan Gets Red 3DS Next Month

Nintendo of Japan announced recently that a new color of 3DS will be arriving there next month.  The new color, called “Red Flare,” looks like the same shade that was circulated at last year’s E3, and that many speculated would be one of the launch colors.

The new color will arrive in Japan on July 14 to coincide with the launch of Star Fox 64 3D there.  It will retail for ¥25,000 (about $312).

Of course, no word on whether this color will arrive stateside, although I personally hope so.  Part of my decision to hold off on buying a 3DS at launch was the fact that neither black or aqua appealed much to me.  I do wonder why Nintendo didn’t release this color from the beginning, as it seems to me it should have been a launch option.

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