Jun 10, 2011

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E3: Kid Icarus: Uprising – New Details, Screens, and Trailers

E3: Kid Icarus: Uprising – New Details, Screens, and Trailers

If there’s one thing the 3DS is lacking, it’s first party titles, and one of the first announced was the surprising return of classic Kid Icarus. As you can see in the first trailer from last year’s E3, Kid Icarus wasn’t the most fleshed out game ever, but had some potential. In the new trailer, though, things have vastly changed. Not only is the concept better developed, there is far more to the game, up to and including online play. With the Kid Icarus: Uprising set to release this year, it’s hard to not see this title moving some units.

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Here are some of the game features:

• Designed by Masahiro Sakurai – creator of Kirby and Super Smash Bros.Kid Icarus: Uprising features a vividly redesigned game world and a new look for Pit and other returning characters.

• Pit is unable to fly on his own, but upon receiving the “Power of Flight” from Palutena, he can soar swiftly through the skies for about five minutes at a time. After each stage’s initial air battle, Pit enters into
ground-based skirmishes.

• While Pit is battling in the air, the action unfolds like a dynamic guided shooter. Yet when he’s facing enemies on land, it handles like a third-person shooter. Throughout the sprawling adventure, players
gather numerous distinctive weapons and collect treasures.

• Beyond the deep single-player adventure, Kid Icarus: Uprising also offers a thrilling and unique take on multiplayer battles. Two teams battle against each other, whittling away their point totals as each team
member is defeated.

•When one team loses all its points, the last member defeated is revived as the powerful Angel Pit. If the other team can track him down and defeat him, they will win the match, introducing a new ebb-and-flow dynamic to multiplayer battles.

• The game includes AR Card compatibility. Using the built-in 3D camera on the Nintendo 3DS system, the game recognizes countless specially designed AR Cards, with animated game characters popping up in 3D on the game screen and even battling each other when two cards face off.

• The game’s simple, intuitive play control has players hold the system in their left hand, while the right hand uses the stylus on the touch screen for targeting. Their left thumb on the Circle Pad controls Pit’s movements, and the L Button fires ranged weapons and unleashes melee attacks. The controls are simple enough to be grasped quickly, but offer layers of depth and strategy for advanced maneuvers. A special control option for left-handed players is also being prepared.

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This game looks like it’s shaping up to be a big hit, and another reason to add the 3DS to your holiday wish lists.

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