Jun 9, 2011

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Hands On: Duke Nukem Forever

Hands On: Duke Nukem Forever

It’s been a long time coming, but fans were finally able to get their hands on Duke Nukem Forever with a demo that released last week. The demo is only available to those who were in the First Access club, and while the demo is incredibly short, it does give us an idea of what to expect.

The first half of the demo is fighting a giant alien in a stadium and offers you a rocket like gun to fight with. As you run around and take the huge monster’s health down, you’ll ultimately be able to run up to him to perform a QTE to finally finish him. From this you can get a good idea of how some of the bigger fights will go down. The fight is fairly straight forward but retains some of the original charm, including a rather ridiculous ending to the scene.

The second half of the demo deals with driving around in a truck, and frankly, feels dated. You are in an old mine area and the car runs out of gas, forcing you on foot to search for a gas tank. Once on foot, you will see several pigs, the staple enemy in the franchise. Here you will also find a few unique weapons. Some are classics, like the rocket launcher, where as others, like the shrink gun, make things a bit more interesting. Every gun has its little “oooh” and “ahh” moment, plus each works quite well. From what was shown in this brief sample, it looks like there will be some neat ideas implemented in the full version.

Looking for the gas tank takes you into the mine shaft and through some pretty crazy moments, from shooting down an aircraft to taking a ride in a mine cart. Really that’s about it; the demo is very short and might  last you only eight minutes, but despite this it does a great job of showing the possible variety in enemies and weapons. The most important part for me was seeing what made Duke so great in the first place (i.e., the humor). Playing though the demo, I experienced several funny instances that really renewed my faith in this game. It is good to see that the humor at least, is solid.

In the end, the demo will give you a small window into Duke Nukem Forever. There is enough to show you that the core game is not dead, but not enough to prove the wait was worth it. DNF is sure to give a fair bit of nostalgia, and sometimes that is all we are looking for. Overall, the demo proves that the game might live up to the game, and in some cases, the hype. However, not enough is showcased to completely sell the game.

We should have a video showcasing the complete demo soon.