Jun 7, 2011

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Rift to Support Add-ons in Upcoming Patch

Rift to Support Add-ons in Upcoming Patch

First a rumor, but now confirmed, Trion Worlds is adding add-on support to Rift. This is a welcome change for Rift players, especially ones who are used to playing World of Warcraft. While some believe the support will release in patch 1.3, that is not confirmed as of yet. Patch 1.3 is due to be a large patch that will release this summer.

Add-on support is a big deal in the world of MMOs. This means that third-parties can develop applications to run within the game. Rift opening the doors for add-on developers gives developers the opportunity to create a popular applications for players, and it gives players the chance to enhance their gaming experience.

Trion Worlds seem to be doing everything they can to keep a content player base. Happy players equal a stable subscription base for Trion Worlds, and they seem to know exactly what the players want.

[Photo: Rift player Callan]
[Source: Curse]