Jun 7, 2011

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E3: Nintendo Press Conference – Live Blog

E3: Nintendo Press Conference – Live Blog

The last major press conference of the week is Nintendo’s morning briefing, in which we expect to learn more about the mysterious Project Cafe, the successor to the Wii.  Follow us along on the live blog today in case you can’t watch the feed (which you can find here).  Keep refreshing your browser to see the updates throughout the press conference.

9:00 AM PST: The Conference Begins!

9:05: LOZ History with orchestra

9:07 – Continuing to recap all the Zelda games

9:09 – Skyward Sword Footage

9:09 – LOZ 25th Anniversary

9:09 – Shigeru Miyamoto on stage now

9:10 – “It sure does bring back memories.” Brings translator on

9:11 – Last song was from Skyward Sword – “Music is an indespensible piece of the LOZ”

9:12 – Going to have the orchestra play some of the LOZ songs live – puzzle-solving chime; opening a treasure chst/getting an item (Miyamoto acts it out); melody from fairy fountain

9:14 – A zelda games for each of our hardware systems – Links Awakening first GBC VC game (3DS) – starting today, should be available around the world by day’s end

9:15 – Next weekend is launch of LOZ: OOT 3D

9:15 Talk about improvements and additions – Hint Mode, Master Quest, Boss Challenge Mode

9:16 September – LOZ Four Swords will be a free download for DSiWare!

9:16 – LOZ: Skyward Sword this Holiday for Wii – will use Wii Motion Plus – will have special Gold Wii Remote – which will be available as a promo when we launch the game

9:17 – Game is packed full of content – “the most satisfying Zelda experience of any game in the series”

9:18 – LOZ 25th Anniversary Symphony Concerts around the world – in the fall – more annoucements will come about specific dates, locations, etc.

9:18 – Preparing 2 music CDs: LOZ:OOT Official Soundtrack – will be a gift if you are one of the first to register the game with Club Nintendo

9:19 – The second is based on the 25th ann concerts and will be related to SKyward Sword; Also planning many other things to celebrate other than these – you can look for more annoucements in the future

9:20 – Over 200 people have worked on the Zelda series – inviting some of them on stage – but what’s most important are “all of the fans who have played and supported the series”

9:21 – Satoru Iwata on stage

9:22 – Nintendo has tried to break down boundaries in gaming

9:23 – A game platform that is equally satisfying for all players is Nintendo’s goal with their new platform

9:23 – deeper and wider (yes, he just said that)

9:23 – Deeper Game experiences and Wider Appeal to all gamers

9:24 – OH YOU TEASE! (details of Project Cafe coming LATER this morning)

Goal: To serve EVERY Player

9:25 – New console next year – this year is focusing on 3DS


9:25 – Mario Kart 3D, Star Fox 3D, Super Mario Bros, Kid Icarus

9:26 Luigi’s Mansion!!

9:27 – Reggie Fils-Aime on stage “We hear you: you want what you’ve always wanted, but you also want something new.”

9:28 – Five key 3DS games to show this week at E3

9:28 – Mario Kart (trailer)

9:29 – Mario Kart – you can sprout parasails and float and also drive under water! Looks like there’s lots of customization to your karts also

9:30 – Lots of different and unique tracks

9:30 – “This entirely new Mario Kart races into stores this holiday season.”

9:30 – “Star Fox is back, and this time the 3D is entirely real.” – can use buttons for traditional control, or use the tilt controls of the system to turn, and climb, and dive – and the you can play with your friends and have them in the boxes along with the game -> coming September to the US

9:32 – “No franchise has sold more systems than Mario.”

9:32 – Super Mario 3D “encorporates quite a tail.” (trailer time!) – looks like SMB3 meets SMG

9:34 Mario 3D coming out by the end of the year

9:35 Kid Icarus – trialer time! – lots of hacking and slashing – a bit of platforming – Kid’s voice sounds a little feminine to me, though

9:36 AR cards for Kid Icarus “Coming soon”?

9:36 3-on-3 multiplayer action; will also use AR cards to conduct battles – arrives “later this year”

9:37 “That new game announcement.”  Luigi’s Mansion 2 – trailer – exploring the mansion, vacuuming up ghosts and coins

9:38 Luigi’s Mansion 2 is not a simple revision, but an entirely new game, “making extraordinary use of 3d” and featuring several new mansions

9:39 – Third-party trailer time! RE: Merc, Sonic Olympics, ACE Combat, Tetris, Cave Story, RE: Revelations, Driver, Pac-Man/Galaga, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater

9:43 – each Pokemon has an AR marker

9:44 – Social, Connection, Interaction: 3DS

9:44 – “one more order of business.”

9:40 – eShop talk time – game demos will be available later this year for both downloadable and retail games

9:41 – 3D Classics: Excitebike free for a limited time

9:42 – Pokemon – 3D Pokedex

9:45 – Explaining the “Wii” name – new name is you?

9:45 – “Welcome to the world of Wii U.”

9:46 – New Controller for Wii U – “Different from anything you played before” – looks like a hybrid with a Vita and the lower half of a DS.

9:46 – “Quick peak of Wii U in action.” VIDEO TIME!

9:47 – can switch from TV to the controller! – can sketch on it – can play games on it like an iPad – can use motion control with it – hold it up to the screen and “see through it” – can also use it with the wiimote to get “new views”

9:48 – example, golf – “Stay fit” – free from the TV “take aim – use it as a scope with accesory – use controller as a touch pad.

9:49 – make video calls with the controller; brwose with it – basically enlarge and swipe – share from the controller to the TV (i.e., videos) – get more “Detail” (i.e., a place for maps (think DS lower screen)

9:50 “Coming to your living room in 2012.”

9:50: 6.2″ screen – backwards compatible with not just games, but the controllers and accessories, including the Wii balance board – you can use many of these without the tv

9:51: A variety of contorls: two analog sticks, control pads, four shoulder buttons, has rumble

9:52: Also has a touch screen, microphone, speaker and accelrometer, gyro, and inward-facing camera

9:52 – Designed to accommidate the largest number of types of players – “Not designed to be a portable video game machine.  The images are generated by the Wii U console without latancy.” – submitted wirelessly

9:53 – HD images; can play with TV, with just the controller, or with two screens (Tv and the controller) – only a few of the possibilities

9:54 – “Strong bond with the internet” along with you and your family – web browsing, share photos or videos, enjoying video chat, even while watching a tv program – “A new structure for home entertainment.”

9:55 – Video interview time (Miyamoto) – “It’s up for the desingers to decide how they want to use them…. I’m looking forward to new styles of play.”

9:56 “Will include new ways to play.” – can see text version of interview at e3.nintendo.com

9:57 Smash Brothers for both Wii U & 3DS – to make it work together on both platforms

9:58 – Wii U demos will be available on the floor – they don’t have any games yet, just tech demos

9:58 – More videos – “show examples of what the system can do.” – Bird flying over what looks like peaceful Japanese village – definitely a huge jump over Wii’s graphics – water looks very realistic

10:00 – “New Super Mario Bros Mii” – add your Wii into the game

10:01 – “Shield Pose” – arrows will get you from ALL directions

10:01 – “Chase Me” – multiplayer – world will look very different whether you are holding the new controller or a regular Wiimote

10:02 – “A different kind of shooter.” – Two guys with Wiimotes shooting up while the Wii U controller holder shoots down.

10:02 – These are all prototypes, but can announce one title in dev: Lego City Stories – a new installment in the Lego series

10:03 – Wil also come to 3DS (Lego)

10:03 – Sample of devs talking about Wii U video “The swiss army knife of controllers.” “Asymetrical gameplay.”

10:04 – “A platform that will really revolutionize” Darksiders at launch – Tekken, Assassins Creed, Batman Arkham City, Ghost Recon Online

10:05 – “It’s not just more of the same.”

10:05 – More video time! – showing off 3rd party games for the new system

10:06 – Darksiders II, Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online, Metro: Last Light, Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3

10:08 – “We have a lot to look forward to.”

10:09 – “It can satisfy all tastes.”

10:09 – John Riccatello on stage (EA)

10:10 – Imagine the possibilities of playing football with the new controls, imagine playing a FPS with the new controller, and actually good online! – then imagine that this can be extended to other avenues (mobile, social, internet)

10:11 – “We’re changing games from a thing that you buy, to a place that you go.”

10:12 – Reggie talking about how DS evolved to 3DS and now how Wii has evolved into Wii U.

10:13 – Hands-on with new 3DS games + Wii U

10:14 – Nintendo Network – dailiy updates, exclusive content, interview with key developers, and an in-depth look at the revolutionary new controller  – e3.nintendo.com

10:15 – “You have incredible new game worlds to explore this week. . . . Let the exploration begin! Enjoy the show!”

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for trailers, images, and more wrap-ups for the big revelations from this morning’s conference!