Jun 7, 2011

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E3: Kinect Fun Labs Available Now

E3: Kinect Fun Labs Available Now

Remember all the neat things Microsoft suggested its Project Natal (aka Kinect) was capable of in its E3 2009 trailer?  Remember how most of that possibility never materialized? At yesterday morning’s E3 conference, Microsoft revealed Kinect Fun Labs, a free application available now for all members, which gives you the chance to do  more with your Kinect.  Right now, it includes three features: People Scanning, Finger Tracking, and Image Capture, but it looks like more fun things will be available later on.


Kinect Me

People Scanning: instantly create an avatar that looks just like you.


Kinect Fingertracking

Draw in the air with your fingers. You can draw in “3D,” and can view it in different angles by moving around the space.


Kinect Image Capture

Scan in the things you love and bring them to life in a whole new way.

While it’s an interesting concept, it seems to me that these features should have been implemented from the beginning.  I also don’t know if Fun Labs is enough of a reason to get a Kinect, but it’s definitely nice if you already own one.

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