Jun 7, 2011

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E3: Dance Central 2 Gameplay Footage

E3: Dance Central 2 Gameplay Footage

Harmonix’s Dance Central was a breakout hit and is arguably the Kinect’s marquee title.  As enjoyable as the game was, the major gripe players had with the first game was the lack of a true multiplayer mode.  Thankfully, Harmonix have remedied this issue (as evidenced below), and the game seems to keep the same level of recognition as the first one.

Aside from refining the gameplay from Dance Central, the sequel is introducing voice recognition, a refined “break it down” mode, and a campaign mode.  All songs from the original can be ported over to Dance Central 2 (similar to Harmonix’s own Rock Band series).

YouTube Preview Image

No release date has been mentioned yet, but we’ll keep you updated once we get more details.

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