Jun 6, 2011

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Sony E3 Press Conference- Live Blog

Sony E3 Press Conference- Live Blog

Sony’s E3 2011 Press Conference is starting soon 5:oo PM PST today (June 6) and we are going to try our best to give you the highlights.  Keep refreshing your browser to see the updates throughout the press conference. If you can, you can watch the live stream here.

5:10: Some Preview show is running at the moment and there’s really nothing to report, still waiting for this thing to start.

5:16: Ok looks like its starting now.

5:19: There’s just a video playing with all these PSN, PSP, PS3 games being shown, some new some old. Waiting for someone to come out on the stage.

5:21: Jack Tretton is on stage now. 5,000 people in attendance not including all those watching on the PS Blog.

5:22: Discuss PSN Outage, cracks joke about how much it helped the media. Thanks 3rd party devs for their patients and support.

5:23: To the consumers “Without you there is no PlayStation. I want to apologize for any anxiety it has caused you.”

5:24: Talking up the PS3 and PSN right now, Hulu, Netflix, MLB.TV. “PS3 makes up 30% of Netflix Instant Streaming.”

5:26: Live Demo for Uncharted 3 starts up. Drake is on a ship.

5:29: Stealth level where Drake is going around the ship taking out armed men. Lighting looks really good in the demo.

5:30: Drake is cornered and is now fighting is way out while the boat is filling with water. Enemies still take a good amount of damage. Showed off a cool melee scene where drake pulls the pin of a grenade off of the enemies waist and then backs up before it explodes.

5:32: Drake is now swimming around in the cargo bay looking for a way out. Demo ends with Drake running away from rushing water.

5:34: In October fans can go to Subway to get early access to the Multiplayer mode, not a beta but the full multiplayer mode.

5:35: New Uncharted 3 trailer runs.

5:37: Marcus Smith is now on stage to demo Resistance 3.

5:38: Resistance 3 Live Demo starts, takes place in STL. Showing off some cool weapons including what looks like some sort of Vortex ability.

5:40: After a short fight they skip forward and shows the character running through a half building.

5:42: Resistance 3 Sharp Shooter Bundle will release along side the game. $150 gets you the game, Sharp Shooter, Camera and PS move controllers.

5:43: God of War origins Collection announced, includes Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta remastered in HD. Also announced is the ICO and Shadow of Colossus HD Collection.

5:44: Announces 24 inch PlayStation branded 3D television. Also announcing PlayStation glasses cheaper version of the normal 3D glasses. The TV will also come with Resistance 3 and will sell for $499.

5:48: PS Move being shown off with NBA 2K12. New Feature called “NBA on the Move” simplified controls using simply targeting controls and the trigger. Making it more accessible.

5:50: To prove that Kobe is brought out to play the game. This new feature doesn’t look promising. NBA 2k12 will be out in October featuring the new Move controls.

5:52: Umrao Mayer shows up on stage to show off a new Move title.

5:57: Midevil Moves Deadmans Quest features a lot of the basic motion control movements, using some weapons like a shield and sword, bow and arrow and throwing stars.All with only one Move controller.

5:59: Showing a trailer for inFAMOUS 2 cause it comes out tomorrow.

6:00: inFAMOUS 2 and LBP 2 will have PS Move controls to help build levels. Will come in an update in the fall.

6:01: Starhawk trailer is showing now.

6:03: Looks like a new game for Sly Cooper, new trailer for the game starts to play. Ttitled Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Coming 2012.

6:06: New shooter exclusive to Sony, Dust 514. Demo starts to play, looks like a space marine shooter. Will have PS Move controls and there will be a beta later this year.

6:09: Trailer runs for BioShock Infinite. All in-game footage, looks pretty good.

6:11: Ken Levine is now on the stage. Talks about BioShock Infinite and the use of PS Move controls with the game.

6:14: Pulls out an NGP and says they are working on a game for the NGP, it’s in the early stages but it will take place in the BioShock Universe.

6:15: BioShock Infinite will come with a free copy of BioShock on the disc.

6:16: Star Trek game coming with co-op in mind and will come with a special PS Move Phaser. Set to release alongside the upcoming movie.

6:17: Trailer for Star Trek shows using all pre-alpha footage.

6:18: SSX PlayStation 3 version will get Mount Fuji level, Need for Speed The Run PS3 Version will come with 7 addition super cars and Battlefield 3 PS3 version will come with Battlefield 1943.

6:20: Kazuo Hirai now comes out to talk NGP.

6:21: PlayStation Suite, it will make PS software available to devices other than PS devices including androids and android tablets.

6:23: NGP is now official name PlayStation Vita. What does vita mean? Apparently it means Life. “interact and connect like never before.”

6:24: As we already know the Vita will come with 3G and Wifi devices. They will partner AT&T as an exclusive partner for Wifi hotspots and 3G. Crowd was not impressed, neither am I.

6:26: PSVita will have cross game chat. will also come with Near, much like DS it connects with people around you.

6:27: Scott Rohde introduces the Uncharted live demo playing on the new portable system.

6:29: Looks really good both lighting and overall graphics. Shows off new touch screen melee. Climbing you can use touch screen or dual stick controls. Tilt to jump in a certain direction or simply tap to jump.

6:31: “Painting edges” Draw where you want Drake to climb. There will be a lot of features to take advantage of the unique Vita controls.

6:33: Looks hard to shoot using the dual stick controls, either that or the demo player wasn’t that good.

6:35: Ruin, a action based role playing game. Upcoming game on the Vita.

6:36: It’s an top down RPG. Hack and Slash style it looks like. Ruin will have a PS3 version that will work seamlessly with the Vita portable version. It is multiplayer as well. Cloud based saving.

6:39: ModNation Racers for the Vita is a brand new game developed specifically for the portable device. Using the touch screen it will be much easier to create a race track. “Owners of the ModNation Racers Vita will have access to all the current ModNation racer tracks created by users.”

6:44: Vita will have an emphasis on cross play functionality along with other connectivity between the PS3.

6:45: LittleBigPlanet will make an appearance on the Vita. Trailer starts to run for the portable game. Will have multi-touch, use the camera, tilt controls and will use a lot of touch screen controls.

6:48: Capcom creating a Stree Fighter X Tekken title. Cole from inFAMOUS will also be in the game.

6:51: A Live Demo starts with Cole looking all buffed up. The game will feature touch screen controls for the more casual audience.

6:52: More than 80 titles in development for the Vita.

6:53: A trailer for upcoming games is being shown, still no word on the price but hopefully we will hear about that soon.

6:56: PlayStation Vita will release Holiday this year, Wifi to retail for $249, 3G model will retail for $299.

That’s it! A couple of special announcements and we get a price for the portable system. Not too many game related announcements but overall not that bad of a show.