Jun 6, 2011

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Microsoft E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

Microsoft E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

I’ve never done a live blog before, so bare with me.  I’m going to do my best to give you the highlights from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference, which starts at 9:30 AM PST today (June 6).  Keep refreshing your browser to see the updates throughout the press conference. If you can, you can watch the live stream here.

9:29 AM PST: Conference will begin soon.  Cute: lots of green and peppy music.

9:30 AM PST: Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats! The briefing is about to begin.

9:31 – Welcome to the XBox 360 Global Media Briefing

9:31 – “Hunter Killer” Trailer – underwater exploration

9:34 – Some kind of oceanic warzone – very atmospheric

9:35 – Surfacing – you see a city under siege, and a submarine – you and your teammates board and attack it.

9:36-  On board the submarine – you and your squad attacking any enemies that come your way – can shoot through glass, water everywhere

9:37 – Skips ahead “in the interest of time…”

9:37: Blow open the door to the control room – slo mo shoot out

9:38 Completed objective of launching missles – jump into a boat and speed off as an ocean battle rages all around you – battleships, helicopters, the whole works

9:39 – Very Michael Bay – then pull into a helicopter and take off – sweeping view of the destruction as you pull away

9:40 – Call of Duty MW3

9:41 – Infinity Ward’s Robert Bollander Glen Gofield (sorry if spelling is wrong) – Thanks to the fans

9:41 – John Mattrick – Welcome to E3 2011

9:42 – what’s next on XBox: the hottest blockbuster games, the next wave of Kinect, more XBox Live choices, and a better way to enjoy television.

9:43 – Daniel Neuberger, Darrell Galliger – Studio Dynamics – World Premier of Tomb Raider

9:44 – Demo of beginning of game

9:44 – Lara is tied up and has  to swing in order to escape by burning the rope that is holding her.  She falls on a spike.

9:45 exploring a cave – finds ome weird altar “I’ve got to get out of here.”

9:45 – Crazy guy attacks her, she has to kick him away, then a cave in saves her

9:46 – very claustrophobic, water up to her chin – you can hear the cries of the crazy guy

9:46 – “Lara can use her survival instincts to highlight pieces of the world to help her escape.” – her first puzzle – utilize fire to move items

9:47 her actions cause a huge explosion, so she’s able to escape, but music is intense, she has to hurry – ground gives way, and she slides for a while, then keeps running – very Indiana Jones – the crazy guy is back – gets crushed

9:49 – Finally, she makes it out, bruised and bloody, but alive.  You see a ship graveyard.
“We really hope you enjoyed this teaser.”

9:48 – Peter Moore – EA Sports Prez – enhance experience with Kinect – 4 EA Sports title will feature Kinect sport in 2012

9:50 FIFA, Madden, Tiger Woods, and one they will announce later

9:50 Sims with Kinect voice control (Sims 3 Pets), Family Game Night 4 will also use Kinect

9:51 Ray Muszka – Bioware – ME3

9:52 – A Brand-new adventure – ME3 will also support Kinect via voice recognition

9:52 – DEMO time! – will be able to converse with characters using your own voice

9:53 – Instead of slecting options, you can just say them.  Shephard still has his own voice, though.

9:54 – Rescuing a female krogan

9:54 – You can also use your voice in combat to command your party members – i.e., “Garus, move up!”

9:55 – Giant mech attacks!

9:56 – ME3 will be the “Best game in the series.”

9:57 – Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s – Trailer

9:56 – Slo mo pan through the aftermath of an explosion – action frozen as it pans through with operatic music playing

9:57 Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

9:57 Eve Guillemot – Ubisoft “We’ve been big believers in Kinect since day one.”

9:58 – “How we are going to use Kinect to enhance our core games.”

9:59 – Can use Kinect to customize your weapon – “can customize any weapon, even down to the inner parts – manipulate it with your hands – can create over 20 million unique weapons through either gesture or voice – ex: “Gas system. Next. Select.”

10:59 – Kinect allows for quick weapon optimization thanks to its voice recognition Ex: “Optimize for closed combat.”

10:01 – “All future titles in the Tom Clancy franchise will use Kinect.”

10:00 – Demo – using only Kinect to show off shooting – close and ranged combat displayed

10:02 – Mark Witten – XBL – “Here to give you ‘more.’ And get the technology out of your way.” – It begins by giving “TV a new voice.”

10:03 “Welcome to your new XBox Experience.” – Use your voice to navigate – “XBox Music” – “Xbox Games” “XBox Video”

10:04 – Youtube is coming to XBL

10:05 – Bing is coming to XBox – you “Say it, XBox finds it.” – search content providers to find exactly what you’re looking for to find the entertainment you want.

10:06 – “Bing on xbox gives you effortless discovery.”  “TV is more amazing when YOU are the controller.”

10:06 – Live TV coming to XBox 360 – “This is our vision for the future of television.”

10:07 – Launches this Fall – trailer

10:08 – UFC Prez – XBox will revolutionize how you watch the sport

10:09 – Trailer – see live weigh in, fighter profiles, etc., and order the fight – see recent fights for a particular fighter – predict the winner and how the fight will end

10:10 – Phil Spencer – MS Studios – “Changing the very definiton of entertainment.”

10:11 – Exclusives Time!

10:11 – Gears of War 3

10:12 – Cliff Bleszinski – Thanks to those who participated in the Beta – going to show a section of the campaign

10:13 – Ice-T to help play the demo – a sea creature has caught up with them, it’s infected, and mad

10:14 – Boss fight! – Tentacles attack – you and your team mates found a mech that should help get the job done

10:15: Wow – that is one huge scary monster, and he is really pissed!

10:17: Some times it’s time to shoot, some times it’s time to run. – End of demo

10:17: Crytek – trailer – starving dog – “There are two sides to power: Order – and Justice.” Dead bodies every where. = Chaos

10:19: “This: is Rome.” – Kinect brawler – “You are the controller.  You are the warrior.” RYSE.

10:19 – “Halo changed the way we play video games.  That was 10 years ago. This is now.”

10:20 – Halo trailer – fully remastered campaign – co-op mode, 7 of the greatest maps of all time
= Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

10:21: Turn Ten Studios – Forza Motorsport 4

10:22 – In-game footage shown off – car porn!

10:24 80+ manufactures – monthly updates – plenty of community – “An entirely new car experience.” – October 11

10:24 – Peter Molyneux – Fable Journey

10:25 – “How can we make you feel more involved?”  Fable: The Journey

10:25 – Trailer – “Albion: A land long desired by those who should not possess it.”  “When hereos are no longer born, they must be made.”

10:26 – dark cloud mist is taking over the world “Albion’s end is coming.  All that matters now is: the journey.” – controlling the horse and carriage with Kinect

10:26 – using magic with kinect also – bioshocky (one or two hands)

10:28 2012 – Fable

10:28 Phil Spencer – Minecraft coming to XBox 360 this winter with Kinect support

10:29 – “The next wave of Kinect innovation.”

10:30 – Disney collaboration : “Kinect Disneyland Adventures” – the magic of visiting the park in your home – the entire park has been recreated

10:30 – Denmo of Peter Pan’s Flight Ride – looks like you’re trying to keep your balance while playing – turns the ride into a game – very Nights-ish

10:31 – Now demo of Alice & Wonderland – basically the exact same gameplay, with a little monkeyball thrown in

10:33 – Trailer for Disneyalnd – shows off the mini games, the characters, mainstreet, etc.

10:33 – Kinect Star Wars Trailer

10:34 – Showing off Kinect gameplay – looks like you will have to play standing up – using voice commands “Light saber: on.” Use force powers with your hands – have to jump to jump

10:36 – Use your light saber in various ways by swinging your arms

10:38 – Seasame Street: Once Upon A Monster – Tim Schafer

10:39 – Demo – Dad and his kid playing a chapter

10:40 – Play Simon Says with the monster

10:42 Kudo Tsunoda – Kinect Creative Director

10:43 Kinect Funlabs: Check out the best innovations from Kinect – a permanent addition to the XBox Live dash and available to all XBL members.

10:44 – People Scanning: Kinect Me – Instantly create an avatar that looks just like you.

10:45 – Kinect Fingertracking – draw in the air with your fingers – can draw in “3D” – can view it in diff angles by moving around the space.

10:47 – Kinect Image Capture – scan in the things you love and bring them to life in a whole new way

10:49 – Kinect funlabs goes live TODAY and is available to all members.

10:49 – Kinect Sports: Season 2 – Skiiing, Baseball, Golf, Darts, Tennis, Football

10:50 – In-game voice and new Kinect gestures – demo of football and golf – new gesture: salute – use voice to change clubs in golf – Birdie

10:52 – Football demo – two guys – use voice to pick the play

10:53 – Of course, the white guy has to be the QB and the black guy, the receiver…

10:53 – Dance Central 2

10:54 – All songs from DC1 can be imported into DC2 – simultaneous, multiplayer dancing – demo

10:56 Don Mattrick – Summary – “XBox is poised to register another record year.”

10:58: A First-look – new trilogy for XBox 360

10:58 – “I need you, please,” muffled – inside a body – Master Chief in space – ship destroyed – HALO 4 – Holiday 2012

10:59 – That’s all, folks!  Thanks for sticking with us and I will try to get a summary up soon!