Jun 6, 2011

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EA E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

EA E3 Press Conference – Live Blog

Well, our first live blog went pretty well – I’m still trying to get up trailers and so forth from this morning’s conference, so bare with me.  It’s now EA’s time to shine, so I’ll do my best to give you the highlights from EA’s E3 Press Conference, which starts at 12:30 PM PST today (June 6).  Keep refreshing your browser to see the updates throughout the press conference. If you can, you can watch the live stream here.

12:30 PM PST: Conference Begins

12:31: Starts with “Signal Loss” trailer “ANN LIVE” – Earth is under attack – Mass Effect 3

12:32: Casey Hudson – March 6, 2012 – Reapers have taken Earth – you must rally the forces to mount a counter offensive to stop them. – Will see how all your choices have lead to this point

12:33: DEMO TIME! Different than demo shown at MS PC.

12:35 Combat seems to be a bit more active, less duck-and-cover based, at least from this demo – a live repear! Shephard with a moving turret thing

12:36 – A small taste of the scale of the battles – “will be the best game in the series”

“The Fall of Earth” – first gameplay trailer

12:37 – “Shepard warned us they were coming. . . . Now the fate of our world rests in his hands.”

12:38: “We Fight or We die. That’s the plan.”

12:38: Jon Riccatello – see more at origin.com – a new service for viewing and downloading exclusive from EA and their partners

12:39: Autolog – Need for Speed: The Run

Jason DeLong (BlackBox) “Elicit, high stakes race across the country – to be the first from SF to NY”

12:40 – Autolog is woven into the story – “so every second of every race counts.”  For the first time ever, you will leave the car and engage in on-foot experiences

12:41 – Live Demo

12:41 – Night driving, plenty of scene destruction – shows what happens when you get out of the car – on foot as people chase you – leaping from building to building – helicopter shooting at you as you run

12:43 – Melee with a police officer, then steal his car and take off – back to the action-packed racing – plenty of cinematic moments

12:44 – You crash and have to escape from the car before a train hits you! – Heavy Rain esque

12:46 Bioware Greg Zeschuk – Star Wars: The Old Republic

12:48: Demo “For Centuries, the Galaxy knew peace.”  “For Centuries, we waited.” – shows both sides

12:51: SSX Deadly Descent Trailer

12:52 – Avalanches, huge jumps, helicopters, and more.  “Defy Reality. Own The Planet. January 2012.”

12:52: Peter Moore – 3 unique gameplay experiences that push the boundaries
“race it” “Trick it” and “Survive it”

12:53: New characters will be revealed via SSX facebook

12:54: FIFA – lots of people like it

12:55 – “FIFA is the world’s game.”

12:55 – Matt Bilbey – EA Sports GM – all new tactical defending – more realistic – positioning is as important as tackling – all new precision dribbling

12:56 – Biggest innovation – Player Impact Engine – more than two years in dev – real world physicality – true injuries, momentum, falls, push, pull and fight for the ball “FIFA 12 is already the best playing FIFA ever.”

12:56 – Trailer time!

12:58 – “Our game brings people around the world closer to the sport they love.” – EA Sports Football Club

12:59 – 1) Live service 2) Connect & compete 3)Persistence and Presence -> no charge and will connect you to all “our FIFA experiences.”

1:00 – Quick look at it -  choose your club – compete with your friends and track them – will be challenges based on real games

1:01 – FIFA is the “next generation of sports games.”

1:01 – Madden time! (trailer)

1:03: “True to victory. True to game.”

1:03: Time for football player cameos! Ray Lewis, Payton Hillis, Clay Matthews

1:07: The Sims Social comes to facebook

1:08: Sims Social Trailer – “Play With Life”

1:09: 38 Studios Curt Schilling – Kingdom of Amulur The Reckening

1:10: “The heart of an epic war… Fast and fluid combat.” Open world Ken Rolston, Todd McFarlane, and RA Salvatore all involved

1:11: Trailer time!

1:12: 2012

1:12: Insomniac – Ted Price

1:13: “new multiplatform franchise”

3:13: Overstrike – four elite agents – mercenary, theif, scientist, and decorated detective – the misfits, the black sheep – they are the only option left

3:14: Trailer time!

3:15 Meet the team – style is slightly cartoonish (think: Brink, kind of) – 2 men and 2 women team -”How do you explain the collateral damage your team leaves in its wake?” “Enthusiasm?”  – they fight a terminator type enemy

3:17: New teaser trailer – Battlefield 3

3:17: DICE – “The game we always wanted to make, and the best Battlefield experience ever.”

1:18 – Frostbyte 2 Game Engine Video – actual game footage – destruction – demolish buildings, cover – scale – huge landscapes – rendering – cinematic quality – audio

1:19 – Allows us to deliver a more “physical battlefield experience.”

1:19 – Peak @ “Operation Metro” multiplayer map in the center of Paris – parks, metro, city streets

1:20 – will be able to experience with a multiplatform open beta in September

1:21 – Tehran desert live demo

1:22- Riding in a tank

1:22 – Looks very realistic, with lens flare, dust, etc.

1:23 – PRL tanks ahead – get into your tank and control the tank’s gun

1:24 – Battle begins – fire at enemy tanks while they fire at you – realistic smoke temporarily obscures your view after each shot

1:26: can switch to satellite view and shoot from above – modes are all done from inside the tank

1:25 – Can switch to a thermal camera to help you spot enemies even with the smoke of battle

1:28- in enemy territory now – taking heavy fire

1:30 – October 25 – no subscription fee (Battlelog)

1:30 “Thanks very much, enjoy the afternoon.”

Stay tuned for summaries and postings of everything from the conference!