Jun 6, 2011

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E3: Microsoft Reveals Fable: The Journey

E3: Microsoft Reveals Fable: The Journey

There’s a new Fable coming out, but it’s not Fable IV.  Instead, at this morning’s Microsoft Press Conference, Peter Molyneux revealed that the next adventure in Albion will be Fable: The Journey.  The new game will arrive in 2012.  The new game will apparently include Kinect controls, as the live demo demonstrated.  You control the reins of a horse, for example, and utilize magic with a very Bioschock-esque system that actually looks really fun, even if it does mean you’ll probably have to play standing up.

In case you missed it, you can check out the video demo:

YouTube Preview Image

Other than what little info is given in the trailer, it’s not entirely clear what fans can expect, but I’m sure more information will be available soon.

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