Jun 6, 2011

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E3: Mass Effect 3 Will Utilize Kinect

E3: Mass Effect 3 Will Utilize Kinect

Although it had been rumored that Mass Effect 3 would support Kinect, it wasn’t until this morning’s Microsoft E3 press conference that Bioware confirmed (and demoed) it.  Although it seems as if the controller will be the primary means of directing Shepard and navigating menus, the voice features of Kinect will be utilized to better integrate the player into the experience.

For example, you can read off the dialogue options during conversations, instead of simply selecting them (although Shepard will will be fully voiced), and you will also be able to shout out commands to your party during battles, such as, “Garrus, move up!”

Check out the demo video in case you missed it:

YouTube Preview Image

Not much more detail was given, although Bioware promises that this will be the “best game in the series.”

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