Jun 6, 2011

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E3: Changes Coming to Xbox Live

E3: Changes Coming to Xbox Live

During today’s E3 Microsoft Press Conference Mark Witten detailed some of the new features that gamers can expect from Xbox Live this fall. The new Xbox Live experience will feature a new user interface which can finally be controlled using the Kinect. You will also be able to use voice controls to navigate the new dashboard along new media partnerships that will bring us Youtube integration, television partnerships which include UFC and Bing.

Though they didn’t discuss specific television partners other than UFC and a few television shows that could be seen in the demo, they did say you will be able to watch live TV from your Xbox and I can only assume it will come with an additional fee. So with Hulu, Netflix and the upcoming Microsoft program I’m not sure people will need to pay for cable anymore. We should hear more about this particular feature as we get closer to the launch of the update. Here are some highlights from our Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog discussing the changes coming to Xbox Live.

10:02 – Mark Witten – XBL – “Here to give you ‘more.’ And get the technology out of your way.” – It begins by giving “TV a new voice.”

10:03 “Welcome to your new XBox Experience.” – Use your voice to navigate – “Xbox Music” – “Xbox Games” “Xbox Video”

10:04 – Youtube is coming to XBL

10:05 – Bing is coming to Xbox – you “Say it, Xbox finds it.” – search content providers to find exactly what you’re looking for to find the entertainment you want.

10:06 – “Bing on Xbox gives you effortless discovery.”  “TV is more amazing when YOU are the controller.”

10:06 – Live TV coming to Xbox 360 – “This is our vision for the future of television.”

10:07 – Launches this Fall – trailer

10:08 – UFC Prez – Xbox will revolutionize how you watch the sport

10:09 – Trailer – see live weigh in, fighter profiles, etc., and order the fight – see recent fights for a particular fighter – predict the winner and how the fight will end

10:10 – Phil Spencer – MS Studios – “Changing the very definition of entertainment.”