Jun 6, 2011

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Darksiders 2 Trailer Revealed

Darksiders 2 Trailer Revealed

THQ’s Darksiders was an action title released in early 2010 that received enough attention to warrant a sequel.  While its gameplay was aped from God Of War and The Legend Of Zelda, the concept was interesting and the narrative had fans eagerly awaiting what would come upon finishing the game.  Thankfully, THQ has just released a trailer helping gamers recall the events of the first game, reintroducing us to its protagonist, War.

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So how do you feel about the trailer?  Are you excited to be able to play the new character, Death, or did you prefer War?  The first game was fun enough, though sometimes tedious.  No official date is set for the release, but it’s targeted for sometime next year.

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