Jun 4, 2011

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Kid Robot X Street Fighter Coming in July

Kid Robot X Street Fighter Coming in July

A while back there was a special cross over between Street Fighter and designer Tokidoki. Now with the upcoming Street Fighter X Kid Robot series coming out it lends the question of what the next cross over will be? Before we worry about the future how about we talk the present.

Recently the well known designer toy company Kid Robot started to do branch out and do cross overs. The first was the Simpsons, then Futurama and finally Family Guy. Moving past long standing Fox animated series it would appear Capcom is now tossing themselves into the ring. The series will consist of the “12 original world warriors” (IE Street Fighter II’s list) and will be done via blind boxes. They’re set to release on 7/27/2011 and will cost $9.99.

[Source: Spankystokes]