Jun 3, 2011

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Kojima Debuts New Game Engine

Kojima Debuts New Game Engine

The “Fox Engine.”  As it turns out, Hideo Kojima has been doing more than working on Metal Gear titles.  In a Pre-E3 showing, Kojima unveiled a new multi-platform game engine codenamed the “Fox Engine,” and confirmed that it will be used in his next video game.

The demo used during the interview is of a small boy running through the jungle with two animal companions, a horse and a dog.  The interview did make it clear that this was a tech demo and not an actual demo of Kojima’s next title.

The engine has been in development since the release of the highly acclaimed title Metal Gear Solid 4 and Kojima demonstrated the new engine on an XBOX 360 to emphasize Kojima Productions’ desire to offer multi-platform titles for “a global audience.”  Kojima stated that his goal for this his new engine is to allow high-quality video game development across multiple platforms quicker.


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